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Indian Institutes of Technology Now Open to More Foreign Students

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) is one of the premier engineering platforms in India which provides one of the best educations in terms of engineering. It is in fact the top ranking engineering institute with a high placement record, and high package offerings to its potential students.

According to the latest news, it is all set to intake more of foreign students in the engineering institute and make it an inter-Indian-Institute-of-Technology-IITdisciplinary research collaboration. More international students can now be a part of the premier institute in terms of post graduation and research work.

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The decision is well tailored to meet the national development agenda where greater foreign students can be a part of the Indian educational institutes. IIT is now turning out to have a business point of view as well along with its established educational sector in India and in abroad.

As per the reports, IITs find it to be advantageous at the national level when it comes to admitting foreigners in the academy. The IITs will eventually get an international platform as a premier engineering institute.

It will get a firm and a stronger name heading towards a foreign university ranking as well. They are in the plan of internationalization of the biggest name in the list of Indian institutes.

All the formalities will now be altered and admitting a foreign citizen will be a common task now. It has also increased the intake of students by more than 60% each academic year which could now help foreigner as well to apply for admissions.

It is increasing its name eventually as a global ranking educational agency which will be recognized all over.

They also hope to see the foreign students as the brand ambassadors of IITs on an Indian and International platform. It will hence be an autonomous field of education with different centres and departments for both Indian and foreigners. They also wish to collaborate with the international companies on an educational platform and gain a wider acceptance around the globe.

IITs promise to offer first class education and advanced courses for foreign students and Indian engineers as well. IIT needs to build a brand internationally by restructuring its curriculum and improving the international raking of the institute.

An IITian can now join a foreign organization in course of his career due to greater institutional visibility. He can also be a part of any university being a former IITian.

It would also arrange workshop internationally for companies like ONGC and BHEL. It is eventually planning to increase its research investments for the oil company.

Apart from the Oil industries, they also wish to join hands with the international technology and designing sector relating to engineering. They are ready to train the Indian IITs student in this sector and then arrange workshops internationally to gain wider experience and visibility.

It has also decided to set up a design school which would educate the students the design spine of engineering. Designing is an autonomous field and a major area of expertise, students can choose it as a core subject of engineering on an internationally raised platform.

This decision is remarkable in every respect.

Arushi Seth