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International Student Insurance in USA

Insurance For International Students In USA Makes Them Protective From Disasters And Tragedies

Insurance is a form of risk management. It is an impartial transfer of the risk of any loss from an entity to another entity in exchange for a particular amount of payment. A person can be insured for health, life, auto and many more. A loss in any regard will be covered under the insurance policy one has opted for. Medical expenses are touching the skies in the USA. In such cases, it is always beneficial for international students studying in the USA to take up health insurance. While the expenses are very high for everything in the USA, students from foreign nations are advised to take insurance of all forms. You never know when you might be in need of international student insurance in USA.

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International travel insurance secures students from several kinds of accidents and disaster but the reporting is not free; even it is ease and comfort to believe which it arrives at a reasonable price. Over the last elite years, the counts of insurance for international students in USA have enhanced.

In this article, we help you choose from the best insurances available for international students in USA.

ISO Insurance

This organization provides insurance for students across all universities in the US. ISO offers health insurance and other insurances related to students. The customer service is excellent. Offering short term limited duration plans; their insurance plans are dedicated for international students who are away from home to pursue higher education.

Health Insurance Plans By HCC

HCC Medical Insurance Services offers health and medical insurance for both domestic and international students. The international insurance plans include Atlas Travel, Atlas Group Series, Atlas MultiTrip and Student Secure. Each of these plans is carefully designed bearing in mind the lifestyle and the requirement of students spread all over USA. There are short term plans, group plans and plans for individuals who travel often. The Atlas Travel can also be used as travel insurance.

Global Medical

This insurance is the best medical insurance. The plan is available for both US and non-US citizens. The medical insurance includes coverage of up to $5 million, wellness, doctor visits, maternity or pregnancy, mental health benefits, optional dental, evacuation and much more.

Travel Guard

Student travels are covered extensively by travel guard. Domestic and international trips covering students’ travel and students’ medical needs during the travel are included. Apart from that the insurance covers 24/7 assistance services for travel, emergency medical evacuation coverage (optional and upgradable), trip interruption and valuable medical coverage.

If you plan to drive in the US, you need to have auto insurance. Obtaining an international driving license is mandatory.


Gieco is one of the top insurance companies in providing auto insurance. The organization various payment options making your premium payments convenient as you study. Gieco has developed many auto insurance products. While the options are varied, they have taken sufficient care to build and design each of these insurance plans to be of ultimate benefit to the person insured and his or her dependants. Auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, ATV insurance, renters insurance and condo insurance are a few insurances that are provided by Gieco.

Worldwide Insure

Worldwide insure offers several insurances for single travel, multi-trip travel, health insurance, medical insurance during travel and many more. All you have to do is to choose the right insurance that best suits you and your requirements. Choose an insurance plan that meets your lifestyle requirements and get a quote right away by visiting their website.

The Harbour Group

Providing comprehensive insurance plans, the Harbour Group covers International student and scholar plan, domestic student plan, international travel insurance plans and medical evacuation plans. Before applying for the insurance plans in the harbour group, it is advised that you have a detailed look at the requirements of the harbour group. The requirements include the type of visa that you are entitled to stay in the US.

Compass Benefits Group

The Compass Benefits Group is one another insurance provider company in the USA. It provides insurance plans for international students and scholars with beneficial health insurances. The insurance plan from the Compass Benefits Group covers $100,000, emergency assistance, medical evacuation and repatriation.

While students from all over the world seek higher studies in the USA, it is a known fact that the prices are overwhelming. Scholarships and financial grants help the students both domestic and international to aid them in the monetary help for their studies. Likewise, insurance is of prime importance to all students in the USA.

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