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Is It Easy To Get Jobs In Russia For International Students?

Are you somehow planning to get to a job in Russia but have no relevant information regarding that? Well, to be precise, the job market in Russia for the international student is not that flourishing as in UK or USA or even Canada, but however, there is a chance to get a decent job there in few of the industries. So the chances of getting a job are not feeble and hence you can try out your luck there. Here are some useful information you need to know while you wish to build up a career in Russia:

What Are The Possible Options Of Jobs?

Industry: Few industries that are prevalent in the country are timber, metals, natural gas and oil. There are few more like the IT outsourcing, banking, mobile technology, IT and electronics. Textiles and farming are not the ideal places you should look for a job at because they are declining fast in the country. Teaching is a nice job you can look as English is one language everyone wants to be proficient at. You may also work in NGO if you have alike mindset. However, you should know that there are no dearths of educated individuals in Russia who can work for such positions. English is one language the natives want to learn because the majority of the work is done through it. So, TOEFL has a strong market in the country and aspirants can consider this field as well. You need to know the local language as well, especially if you are working in the capital city of Moscow. Teaching is highly in demand in Russia, especially in TOEFL education, or even in big schools and colleges in the cities and small towns. For international candidates with an English proficiency may also look for teaching at villages and also check out Geovisitors with live in opportunities. If you have the same proficiency then you may also get into partnership with Russian families to teach English for few hours a week.

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Applying For Jobs In Russia

The process isn’t much different from the other countries. You need to send a detailed CV for the job that has been advertised for. One thing you must include is the covering letter, which is sometimes even more important than the CV itself. You may check online for the right format of the application/covering letter so as to impress your potential employer. Don’t forget to include the languages known by you as that might get some extra points for you. Your qualifications and experience also matter a lot, just like the personal contacts if any. For further assistance you may look at the websites like, Headhunter, irr.ru and Raborta. There are few agencies which might help you a lot to get a job in Russia like Kelly services Russia, Adecco Russia, and Manpower Russia. You may also look for some more at the Russian yellow pages or even through a little search on the net.

Work Life In Russia

If you are fortunate enough to get a job in the country, be ready to work for 40 hours per week at least. As far as holidays are concerned, you may get a work off for all public holidays of the country like New Year, Russian Christmas which falls on the 7th of January, and national Unity day that is celebrated on 4th of November etc. Since you are not a resident, so you don’t get the privilege of deducting 13% tax from your total income, but have to pay a 30% of the same.

Gaining Work Experience In Russia

There are few companies who might be chosen by you as an international student to gain some experience in several areas like medicine, law, journalism, tourism etc you may check out few short term courses against negligible fees like AIESEC or IAESTE.

VISA And Other Official Documents Needed

All visas must be applied through and approved via Russian embassy or Consulate of Russia. When a Russian company wishes to appoint foreign workers, it needs to get a permit from Ministry of Ethnic and Migration Policy. However that is not mandatory for scientists, artists or ambassadors working in Russia. For UK nationals, contacting the Russian embassy is important whereas one may also contact the ministry of foreign affairs as well.

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