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Kyung Hee University’s Global Collaborative Summer Program Introduced

Kyung Hee University, one of the most reputed Universities in South Korea has recently begun accepting applications for its newly initiated ‘Humanity, Civilization & Global Governance‡ program from their  International Summer Campus (Global Collaborative Summer Program).

Students of the program will be able to attend valuable lectures and productive forums conducted by significant professors from Ivy League Schools like Princeton, University of Pennsylvania and other major universities like Notre Dame and UC Berkeley.

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The cause of this being implemented is to expand a student‡s knowledge in their respective fields and gain crucial perception of the careers in front of them. The students will also be allowed to participate in different seminars where representatives from various international organizations will hold discussions on their fields of work to enlighten the students on their careers of choice.

The Global Collaborative Summer Program is open to all domestic undergraduate and graduate students and all international students pursuing interests in Humanity, Civilization and Global Governance.

Kyung Hee University is a research university run privately with the main departments located in Seoul, Korea. The globally respected Korean university has 71 departments including majors, 63 doctorate programs and 65 masters, 24 colleges, 43 auxiliary research institutions and 18 professional and graduate special schools. The University has its campus stretching towards other cities in Korea and also boasts of a global campus after forming pacts with a number of universities in a huge number of countries.

Kyung Hee and the University of Pennsylvania started the Penn-Kyung Hee Collaborative Summer Programin 2006, and after two years a more professional Global Collaborative was formed with a few other universities from countries like Russia and Japan. The Global Collaborative is a summer program that allows international students to attend classes hosted by globally acclaimed scholars and participate in discussions about global governance and sustainability.

The Global Collaborative is also co-run by the Peking University, University of Pennsylvania, Moscow State University and Ritsumeikan University and is cooperated bythe CoNGO (Conference of NGOs) for global affairs and international events and the UN (United Nations).

The faculty has commented that not only the students will be able to learn from the top professors of the world and world leaders but also be allowed to participate in the Korean Culture week. This will help them grasp more about Korea and the culture.

Students will be provided a full cruise of the River Han and taken to visit a folk village. They will probably even get to see the DMZ/JSA area dividing North Korea and South Korea.

Some of the popular alumni of Kyung Hee are Kyuhyun and Jo Kwon from Super Junior and 2 AM respectively. Some lucky students will also get a chance to meet them and other popular Korean figures as a bonus. Other notable alumni are international and national political leaders, businessmen and celebrities in the entertainment business.

Kyung Hee is an institution that promotes global education and has always been forward in accepting students from all over the globe without any partiality. A student‡s nationality and ethnicity does not count in this 501 acre global sized university. Every interested person willing to widen their knowledge and gain expertise in their field is welcome in Kyung Hee.

Applications will be accepted till 30th of April, so interested students should fill out their applications and submit it soon.

To join Kyung Hee‡s Global Collaborative (GC) Summer Program click here.