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Lee Foundation Rice Scholarship Program for South or Southeast Asian Applicants, 2013

The Lee Foundation Rice Scholarship Program is offering scholarship grants to students pursuing their PhD. The grant is awarded on a competitive basis to candidates coming from South and Southeast Asia. The PhD scholarship covers round-trip airfare and related, travel expenses, monthly stipend with local medical and accident insurance, research support, professional development funds, university fees (with an upper limit). The duration of The grant is three years and awarded on the competitive basis. Electronically application submitted by 15 August 2013.

Study Subject (s): The grant is awarded in four strategic themes:
Gene discovery and Bioinformatics
This strategic theme involves decoding the genomes of a large collection of rice germplasm in the International Rice GeneBank at IRRI. The wealth of data provides unique opportunities to conduct innovative research in genome diversity and to apply genome-wide association studies to identify novel genes associated with important traits for practical breeding and upstream genetics.
Modern rice breeding
Increasing the impact of rice variety development is essential to ensure rice food security. By working with multidisciplinary teams and making use of various new technologies such as high-throughput genotyping, modern breeding information management, accelerated line development, and early-generation multilocation trials, this program will focus on increasing genetic gains and creating a substantial impact on rice productivity.
Future rice systems to ensure food security
Meeting the food security challenge requires raising the yield potential for rice along with higher yield stability in the difficult environments of drought, flooding, and high temperature and changes in cultivation practices such as direct seeding. The team of students will develop an improved understanding of the physiology of rice to contribute to breakthroughs in raising the yield potential of rice.
Economics and policy
Achieving rice food security entails more than just revamping yield growth. An efficient value chain and appropriate policy instruments are critical to ensure food security for millions of poor people. The team will focus on policy and value chain research and develop improved business models for sustainable adoption and delivery of postharvest technologies.
Course Level: This scholarship is for pursuing PhD degree level.
Scholarship Provider: Lee Foundation
The award can be taken at: Philippines

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-South or Southeast Asian national
-Engaged in the field of rice science and related systems research.
-Willingness to work on any of the identified PhD research areas.
-Great potential for scientific achievement.
-About to enroll in a PhD program or have gained admission to an approved course in a designated institution or have completed all PhD coursework requirements.
-Endorsement from university supervisor.
-Adequate proficiency in English
-Not more than 35 years old at the time of application.
-Potential applicants may seek co-funding for their study fees from different sources, which may provide more flexibility in their choice of university.

Scholarship Open for Students of Following Countries: South or Southeast Asian national can apply for this application .

Description: Ensuring food security is a challenge that requires innovative rice science and policy capacity, coupled with a highly competent professional extension capacity across both the public and the private sectors. Critical to meeting this challenge is a young generation of motivated scientists, researchers, and skilled farmers. IRRI, through the Lee Foundation Rice Science Scholarship Program, has developed an innovative, theme-focused capacity-building approach to ensure long-term food security in South and Southeast Asia. The grant will have four strategic themes that address bottlenecks in rice research directly relevant to food security. They provide unique training opportunities that span basic and applied science. The training represents the first step toward building a class of scientists with skill sets essential for addressing the problems in rice production over the coming decades. Other program areas as appropriate may be drawn into the major themes.

Number of award (s): Not Known

Duration of award (s): 3-4 years for full PhD program up to 3 years for a PhD sandwich degree program.

What does it cover? Round-trip airfare and related travel expenses -Monthly stipend with local medical and accident insurance -Research support -Professional development funds -University fees (with an upper limit).

Selection Criteria: The Lee Foundation Rice Scholarship Program is awarded on a competitive basis to candidates coming from South and Southeast Asia. A Selection Committee composed of the head of training, the respective team leader, and concerned scientists will guide the selection process.

Notification: Applicants will be informed of the status of their application.

How to Apply: The mode of applying is electronically.

application Deadline: The deadline for applications is 15 August 2013.

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