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Lee Foundation Rice program for South or Southeast Asian Applicants, 2013

The Lee Foundation Rice program is offering scholarship grants to students pursuing their PhD. The grant is awarded on a competitive basis to candidates coming from South and Southeast Asia. The PhD scholarship covers round-trip airfare and related, travel expenses, monthly stipend with local medical and accident insurance, research support, professional development funds, university …

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funding for US Students at Southeast University in China, 2013

Southeast University, China is offering funding for US students. There are two types of scholarships available i.e. Degree-student scholarship which is offered for students who are degree students for postgraduate programs at SEU and Non-degree student funding for exchange students who will study at SEU for 3 months or above to achieve academic credits accepted …

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Postgraduate programs for Foreign Students at Southeast University in China, 2013

The Southeast University, China is inviting applications for postgraduate programs for foreign students. The grant is divided into three categories: registration fee, tuition fee, fee for laboratory experiment, fee for internship, medical insurance, and fee for basic learning materials are covered by all categories’ scholarships. Further free accommodation on campus is also covered by …

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