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Max Planck Institute Scholarships for International Researchers

Max Planck Institute Scholarships for International Researchers in Germany, 2017

The Max Planck Society for Comparative and International Private Law is offering a limited number of short-term scholarships to undertake a research project. Foreign legal researchers can apply for these research programs.

These are available for undertaking a research project. The Institute provides modern educational and research environments that will enable students and researchers to face current challenges and to focus on knowledge as a principal driving force for development.

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Admirable Scholarships for International Researchers.

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The Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law in Hamburg is dedicated to performing foundational research and promoting the transfer of knowledge in the fields of comparative and international private law and business law.

Application Deadline: Closed


  • Applicants applying for the current round of awards are advised that topics presently being researched at the Institute include, in particular, the following: Comparative Legal Methodology ; Harmonized Private Law; European Contract Law, especially Sale of Goods Law; Partnership Law ; Close Corporations ; Company Valuation Law ; Comparative Succession Law (Europe and other continents) ; International Succession Law (especially the European Succession Regulation) ; Family and Succession Law in Islamic Countries; Procedural Law in Islamic Countries; Comparative Law and PIL in Islamic Countries; Chinese Product Liability Law; Chinese Succession Law; Chinese Civil Procedure ; Korean Family Law; Japanese Company Law ; Japanese Capital Market Law ; Comparative Examination of Property Law, History of Private Law and Family Law (with reference to the law of South-East European Countries).
  • Foreign researchers can apply for these research programs.
  • The applicants must be Foreign doctoral candidates, Foreign post-doctoral candidates, and other advanced-stage researchers, Foreign professors or other senior researchers of equivalent academic achievement.

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How to Apply

  • How to Apply: The mode of application is online. The following documents should be prepared and at hand for applicants online application. Institute recommends that they print and tick off items on the checklist that they have created.
  • Supporting Documents: To apply, students must be ready to submit the Statement of Purpose, Curriculum Vitae, Research Proposal, Updated List of Publications, Letters of Recommendation.
  • Admission Requirements: To apply for the program applicants must have a previous degree.
  • Language Requirement: The required level of German language proficiency primarily depends on the planned research project. In any case, working knowledge of German (or English and/or French) is expected in order to facilitate integration into the Institute’s community.


  • The award amount of the program is € 1.365,00 / month (doctoral students), € 2.100,00 / month (group 1), € 2.300,00 / month (group 2), € 3.000,00 / month (group 3) and Health Insurance.
    There are no additional payments for a spouse or for children accompanying the Visiting Scholar.
    (Amounts as of September 2015; subject to change)
  • It also provides travel expenses, other expenses costs of travel to and from Hamburg are not included in the grant. The Institute does not reimburse travel expenses.

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