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Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Scholarships

For all the Southern Africa candidates, MISA is offering scholarships to support those candidates who want to study media program.

This fund exchange programme aims to assist individual media practitioners from Southern Africa in all areas of the media to work on attachment in another media institution to learn new skills and develop existing ones.

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The Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) is a non-governmental organization with members in 11 of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) countries. Officially launched in September 1992.

Why at MISA? MISA aims to focus primarily on the need to promote free, independent and pluralistic media, as envisaged. It seeks ways in which to promote the free flow of information and cooperation between media workers, as a principal means of nurturing democracy and human rights in Africa.

Application Deadline: MISA considers each application on an individual basis.


Participants have to follow the eligibility criteria-

  • Citizens must have southern African citizenship.
  • An applicant can apply for media program in Managerial, Editorial, Advertising, and Technical areas.
  • They must have the qualification of undergraduate or postgraduate in journalism, media, human rights or any other related areas.
  • A student must have been enrolling in their final year of university or be graduated in the last 18 months.
  • Also, have good communication skills.

How to apply

  • How to apply: Candidate can submit their application via email [email protected]
  • Supporting Documents: A cover letter explaining why you want to do this program, a curriculum vitae, and a sample of news article must be submitted by the student.
  • Admission Requirements: Applicants must have their previous study certificates.


Travel and other costs are covered by this grant.


  1. Mulubirhan Belay says:

    my name is mulubirhan belay i’m 26 years old i’m from Ethiopia i’m now degree holder in computer science and information technology. i’m realy want to have mastres degree and financial support to extend my studies. I’m seeking for a scholarship to study in an international university overseas in my field of interest.
    Please fill free to toward me any required details needed.
    Thank you.
    Yours faithully
    Ethiopia,Addis Ababa
    p.o box 696/1250

  2. zemen says:

    1. my name is Zemen.I have diploma in Radio production from IBRA radio looking for financial support to extend my studies. I’m seeking for a scholarship to study in an international university overseas in my field of interest.
    Please fill free to toward me any required details needed.
    Thank you.
    Yours faithully
    Ethiopia,Addis Ababa
    You can Hear our program from the Website.

  3. Okot Alphonse Abude says:

    Am particularly interested in offering Creative Arts, design and communications, am humbly appealing to havean one come to my rescue.

    Am so desperate to have my dreams come true,

  4. Okot Alphonse Abude says:

    So far, my question that l posted on the 29th/oct.2008 has not been answered or no postive response so far has been made/accorded to. This makes me get worried of the services offered, otherwise l wouldn’t like to blame any one on this.

    Can you try as much as possible to link our request and questions to the scholars .
    l will be happy to get postive response from you.
    Okot Alphonse Abude
    Gulu, Uganda

  5. I am a 33 year-old Mosotho lady who wants to be a Commercial lawyer. I would like to obtain scholarship to study at any university in the Republic of South Africa. Iam a holder of LLB fron the National University o f Lesotho obtained in 2005.

  6. Machona Kasambala, Zambia says:

    I am a 35 year old Zambian working for National Agricultural Information Services under the Ministry of Agriculture. I am a holder of a certificate in Journalism and certificates in Video Documentary production. am employed as a Video Editor and also does film and produce documetaries. I got interested in scholarship because I feel my skill are limited to work in big international media org and houses because media technology is dynamic and keeps advancing. once exposed thru ur scholarship my hope to enhance and upgrade skills with current dynamism and effectively contribute to the industry. I failed to access more information on your site pliz avail me the data

  7. Abigail O. Phillimon says:

    I am Abigail O.Phillimon from Botswana, AFRICA. I have completed Certificate in Accountancy and Business Studies.I am seeking for scholarship to study in an internatioinal university overseas in MBA. Hope u will support or help me!

  8. Am an IT expert working with the Nigerian Navy. I am in need of schoolarship to run more courses in Computer/ICT related packages. I would also like to know how one can apply for your scholarship,aplication forms and any other details on the scholarship scheme. I would be glad to hear from well wishers.

  9. Am an IT expert working with the Nigerian Navy. I am in need of schoolarship to run more courses in Computer/ICT related packages. I would be glad to hear from well wishers.

  10. Arthur Maboshe says:

    I am a 22 year old studying for a degree in Media and society Studies in Zimbabwe,how does one apply for your scholarship,aplication forms and more details on the scholarship.

  11. jackson says:

    good day

    my name is Jackson.H.Hilifilwa, a diploma media design graduate student looking for financial support to futhure my studies.I’m seeking for a scholarship to study in an international university overseas in my feild of of my studie.
    please fill free to foward me any required details needed.
    Thank you.

    Yours faithully
    Jackson H.Hilifilwa

  12. adimassu lemesa says:


  13. Tesfaye Waktola says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    i am Tesfaye Waktola from Ethiopia. I have graduated in applied mathematics degree from Debub/Hawassa university, Ethiopia in 2006. i am highly interested to continue Msc in Mathematics. you may contact me with email. [email protected]. p.o.Box.:302, Nekemte
    Best Regards

  14. hey i am yosief of age 34 .I have graduated in technical school specializing in surveying in diploma in 1996 in state Eritrea in the capital city Asmara.from the day of graduation till now i am working on it .and i have additional taken courses of computers like microsoft office,auto-cad,eagle point soft ware.in addition i have taken minor course in drafting.i also work in bill of quantieties of building construction and supervision of it. so please i need a free scholarship for this related field of study. because i am from a poor family no one can help me and my daily income is around two dollars a day. so since it is hard to do it myself i need your help.
    yours truely.

  15. I am a Mosotho Male of 27years from the country called Lesotho down in Southern Africa. I have just graduated from the National University of Lesotho and I am an LLB holder( September 2008). Therefore I am applying for LMM scholarship, i would like to study at Universty of Free State, I have been involved in so many community works and outreaches during my university days. For instance I was the vice-president of NUL-Positive Image(2007) which is the students’ association fighting against HIV& AIDS pandemic within the campus. I was also the co-odinator in the following year(2008). Our students’ association is affiliated with LENASO at national/country level, Lenaso is a member of SANASO which also is a member of AFRICASO which falls under ICASO.The above-mentioned organisations have joined the fight against HIV&AIDS throughout the world.Consequently I have attended so many workshops and I have been involved in many community out-reaches in my country and at SADC level. Last year( Nov 2007) I attended the SANASO AGM in BOTSWANA and currently I am volunteering at LENASO(Lesotho Network of Aids Services Organization) I therefore hope that my application will reach your most favourable consideration. Yours sincerely
    Eric Thulo

  16. monkainfon legrand says:

    J’ai une licence professionnelle en télécommunications et réseaux et je désire poursuivre mes études dans le domaine dans une école spécialisée, j’aimerai trouvé une école et une bourse pour pouvoir atteindre mon objectif qui est d’aller à la recherche de nouvelles technologies pour rentrer aider à reduire le fossé technologique existant jusqu’ici entre les pays de mon continent (l’Afrique) et les pays développés.

  17. i in the month of july 2008 completed my three year course in mass communication at the islamic university in uganda-mbale and i await graduation due in february 2009. I am currently volunteering with one of the district local governments in uganda. however i would like to be helped in the furthering of my education (masters degree) through a scholarship/grant. this may be preferably in media or information technology but any other related to fields will be appreciated

  18. Ewa Gloria says:

    my name is gloria, and am from nigeria, am currently a student of masscommunications, in lagos state polytechnic(national diploma), but i wish to have a scholarship to further in public relations or law.
    what do i do? my email is [email protected]

  19. Beide Melake says:

    I am 32 years old . I have a bachler degree in English .I am apublic relation expert in gv’t organization. I wanna to upgrade my acadamic position .specally in Journalism&communication fields at MA level.so I hope you ‘ll forward your support soon.

  20. IBRAHIM says:

    dear madam/sir
    me from east africa in ethiopia i.e in gondar i have bachelar of chemistry in teaching at bahardar university,i wish,&i have dream to get scholarship related with chemistry 2 continue master degree, help me please.
    thank you,
    my e-mail [email protected]

  21. oluseyi says:

    im an accountant with cinemathographic in my blood that is runnig heavily.
    please help me to secure this schorlarship

  22. Habteyes Hailu says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I’m Habteyes Hailu . was hold my Bsc from jimma University Ambo College by Applied Chemistry having G.P.A. 3.03.Now I have been working in Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institut as Junour researcher wto In National HIV/ADIS laboratory.I’m from Africa ,Ehiopia which the poorest country fron the world second to the Somalia.Therefore I have no any financial suport from any one.Hence if you find any scholarship postion for me Msc by Biochemistry,Clinical Chemistry,Any Chemistry Cources.
    Thank you!

  23. Feven Belay says:

    Dear Sirs/Madam,

    My name is Feven and I am a Female. I have a BA degree in bussiness management from a renown University. Currently, I am working in one of the pioneer import companies in the counrty as an Import Officer. I am looking for a scholarship in any field to continue my masters degree. Hoping to hear from you soon. My personal e-mail is [email protected]

    Thanks and best regards,

  24. Karen says:

    I am a woman aged 37 from Malawi and I have been in the media industry for almost 15 years and have acquired several certificates in DTP, and would like to obtain a further education in mass communication or public relations through a scholarship can you please help in identifying one and how i will go about it.

  25. KON GARANG says:

    This Kon Garang, a Sudanese who completed his secondary education in uganda with a great interest to study jounalism should I get schoolship.

  26. Habtamu Kapital says:

    Dear sir,
    this is Habtish speaking his mind…
    he has had his bachelor degree of coputer science & IT from
    AMU(Arbaminch University) and now seeking a”FREE” scholarship
    to any one of the developed countries.
    with regards!

  27. Tariua says:


    I am a young woman from Ethiopia. I have BA degree in English Language and Literature. I look for scholarship on journalism and related studies with my fields. Please tell me the response as soon as possible.

  28. ebenezer says:

    i am offering bachelor of business administration in ghana and i want a scholarship to pursure my masters next year in a related field so how can i apply for the scholarship

  29. Prince M. Chimasula says:

    I am a young man aged currently working as a Ressource Centre officer. I have a BA in humanities. I majored in French. I would like to be granted an opportunity to advance my studies in Masters in French or International relations. Will appreciate if there were any opportunities of free scholarships in this field

  30. birhan) says:

    my name is birhan ,i am fromETHIOPIA,i did my BA DEGREE FROM BAHIR DAR UNIVERSITY in journalizm and communication .iam looking for a scholarship in film making in any country as long as it is taught in english.please help me achieve my goals.

  31. Dagne Getachew says:

    I am from Ethiopia
    What do you think about scholarship?
    I am interested to study sport related descipline . that means if there is another study . That is good

  32. Chacha Nyakega says:

    I am Chacha Nyakega from Tanzania (Africa). Iam a journalist with an advanced Diploma in Journalism from the former Tanzania School of Journalism now Institute of Journalism and mass Communication (IJMC ) under the Universty of Dar es Salaam. Currently Iam working with a weekly newspaper known as Taifa Tanzania as a news editor.

    I want to know if i can be a beneficially to your scholarship so that i can persue further studies in the field of journalism
    all the best

  33. rendani ratshibanda says:

    i did grade 12 and obtain examption in 2004,so i need to apply for a scholarshipship so that i can further my education as i am currently unemployed.

  34. Charles Juma Othina says:

    I am an M.A degree holder (Communication and Media).

    Currently I am lecturing in Maseno University as a Tutorial Fellow since 1999.

    I am interested in pursuing my PhD in Communication and Media and I shall be greatful if I secure one of the opportunities as a beneficiary of your scholars.

    I am interested in Communication and Behaviour Change

    Thanking you in advance

    Charles J.O.

  35. nompumelelo says:

    i’m doing a thirdyear with the university of namibia and i’m doing meidia studies and my main problem is financing my education for 2009.if you may please help me to achieve my dreams as a qualified media practioner.
    i hope to hear from soon. i hope yo will regard me tobe your asset.

  36. nompumelelo says:

    i’m doing a thirdyear with the university of namibia and i’m doing meidia studies and my main problem is financing my education for 2009.if you may please help me to achieve my dreams as a qualified media practioner.
    i hope to hear from soon.

  37. herbertchimphepo says:

    my name is herbert dolph chimphepo malawian.im 24 yeas old and single.i would like to apply for a scholarship, i have malawi school cirtificate of education. which i obtained in 2005 academic year, my parents can not manage to paye me.

    i will be very grate if you consider my application.

    yours faithfully
    herbert chimphepo.

  38. Caven Masuku says:

    I am am a man aged 27, i have been practising as a news reporter for three years in print media and one year in radio broadcasting. I was nominated twice (2007 and 2008) in print media catergory. I am a holder of BA English and Communication Studies degree, Post Graduate Diploma in Media and Society Studies. I wish to persuade my masters in media and will be happy if you can afford me a scholarship. I am currently an online journalist. If you can check online you will see my stories. I have a 24.com blog and i am still working for a community newspaper called The Business Express in Gweru. My numbers are 263-226483 or can email me on [email protected].

  39. Reuben Joseph says:

    I’m Joseph R. from Tanzania, I graduated from the University of Dar Es Salaam in the year 2007, BSc in wildlife and conservation. I’m now loking for scholarship to study any conservation related master degree.

    Looking foward to hear from you.


  40. olumuyiwa seun says:

    i am 4m nigeria and i will like to ask if a national diploma student can also aplly for this kind of programme,though i study mass communication from the polytechnic ibadan, nigeria and i will like to have this opportunity because it will help me in my career.thanks

  41. endale solomon says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam:

    I am a journalist team on print media from Ethiopia and I have a good educational and work related experience and I want to win the scholarship.
    I am looking forward to hear you soon.

  42. Amanuel Abraha says:

    Dear sir/madam,
    My name is Amanuel Abraha from Ethiopian. I am male, 25years old. I have graduated with BSc degree in the department of Medical Laboratory Technology from a governmental University with a commulative GPA of 3.44. Also I have certificates in CD4, Hematology and Clinical Chemistry machine analaysers, and in rapid HIV testing kits (KHP, STAT-PAK, Uni-Gold). I have over 2 years working experience in Hospital in the mentioned department and partime teaching experience in schools.
    Now I am working in governmental hospital as medical laboratory technologist.
    And I want to continue my MSc in any field related with Ckinical Laboratory. So, can you help me by introducing to any free scholar ship that you know? I am looking forward to hear you soon.

    Thank you

    Amanuel Abraha

  43. Muharami k.seif says:

    Hello everyone.
    I`m Tanzanian gentleman,i completed diploma in education in 2004,for the time being i`m french teacher,since i completed my ciploma i was looking a scholarship for futher edution, it`s my beleif that this is aright place to me,

  44. ovie says:

    I have searched this site many times but i am not satisfied.

    I have not gotten a scholarship information i want. I am a journalism student , currently studying for a diploma in a school in in Accra -Ghana. it seems there is not scholarship for people like me

  45. francis says:

    Im an economic undergraduate in the university of buea and wish to have more economic scholarships. Regards and thanks for this wonderful website

  46. zaph says:

    i am journalist at sawa global i want to know if i can benefit to your scholarship.
    best regards,

  47. yewalashet sime girmu says:

    Dear sir/madam
    I would like to write this letter in order to apply the scholarship. I am yewalashet sime, 28 years old & female from Ethiopia. I have MSc degree in demography (specially in population, development & environment). I have over seven years experience as a journalist and Part time teaching experience in various schools. I have done a lot of research in various current social problems of our country for the fulfillment of my masters and bachelors’ degree and for preparing various radio programs at Radio station. Now I am working in radio fana which is one of the largest radio station in the country as editor in chief. I am member of Ethiopian female journalist association & Ethiopian journalists’ association. I want to upgrade my knowledge .can you help me? Hoping to hear from you soon.

    With Regards,
    yewalashet sime

  48. Taha saifuddin says:

    dear sir/madam,
    my name is taha ,i am from kenya ,i did my kenya certificate of secondary education and attain a mean grade of A with A in all the subjects.iam looking for a scholarship in electrical and electronic engineering in any country as long as it is taught in english.please help me achieve my goals.

  49. Edith Igbinoba says:

    i’m interested in applying for the MISA scholarship. the only challenge is that i’m West African (Nigerian). am i eligible to apply. i’m a management trainee in an advertising agency in Nigeria

  50. ahmed ali ismael says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am from Ethiopia. I am too poor to pay the fee,
    i think you know the Ethiopan situation related with economy, poletical, and social problem.
    i am living under poverty with two dolars payment per day.
    i hold surveying technology degree in adama universty . I have worke experiance forme aguest 2006 up to februar 2008 surveying trainer in vocational education .currently i am learn urban management masters program frome februar 2008 up to date . i have taken diferenent soft ware like Arc view GIS software,Auto CAD software ,civil survey software and also operating digital surveying instrument this is easy to understand the following fields of study like :Earth System Sciences, computr Engineering and other fields,so Please if you are willing to help me give me the opprtunity for masters program in related fields of study.

    If you want to ask me any thing about me please contact me with my address([email protected])
    thank you

    Ahmed Ali

  51. michael young amewudah says:

    i am a freelance journalist fom Ghana and want to win this scholarship to enable me take advantage to enhance myself and in the media industry.
    i shall be grateful if every limitation is removed to push me into the programme.

  52. Festus Chepsergon says:

    Am a kenyan from a poor family looking for a free schollarship to study Telecommunication Engineering in your institute.Please could you assist me to achieve my dreams?

  53. I am an undergraduate student at Africa University ,doing English and Environmental Studies . I want to venture in to the media field ,is it possible for me to do so without any working experienc esince most of your programs require a working experience ?I am completing my studies in 2011, trying to make hay while the sun shines…

  54. alemayehu toma says:

    i am working as ass. lecturer in hawassa university. i was graduated from jimma university with b.pharm & i want to continue my msc in pharmacology.so offer me a chance for competition . i am looking forward tohear you soon

  55. Abebaw Zeleke says:

    Dear sirs!

    I am 34, have MSc.degree in Farm forestry graduated in 2006 at WondoGenet college of Forestry in Ethiopia. Currently I am working in local NGO/ Organization for Rehabilitation and Development in Amhara (ORDA)/ as agro-forestry expert. I am eager to continue my PhD education. The post is also appropriate for my field. So I request you to offer me the chance for the competition.
    I am looking forward to hear you soon.
    [email protected]

  56. Eman Karam says:

    Eman Karam from Egypt , teacher asst. in faculty of fine arts , have a Master degree in Techiques of light sculpture , very interrested in Media art specially lazer light and holography . looking for a scholar ship to proceed the practical side of my PhD in one of Media arts universities , I speak and write arabic , English , and Deutsch

  57. Benjamin Dalyop Zongo says:

    I,am a student of University of Jos, and iam still running my diploma in “ICT”and i am in my last year .I will be graduating next year by may.
    My question is, how will i get scholarship to continue my studies in abroad. Because of my financial background ,i can not be able to continue with my studies .please i need your advise.
    Secondly, how will i apply for scholarship.
    Benxongs.from Nigeria.

  58. hani ibrahim rabih says:

    Name: Hani Ibrahim Rabih Abdoh
    Date of birth: 13 – 3 – 1978
    Nathonality: Sudanese
    Civil status: single_incage
    Residence: alhaj yousif street-1
    Cellular:E mail – [email protected]
    Cellular phone: +249121068104 or +249911127863

    Education: university of Gezira
    1. Intermediate diploma in computer science faculty of engineering nanotechnology 9\2002 till 19\7\2005
    2. BSC(honors)in textile engineering technology faculty of science and technology 28\7\1998 till 16\3\2002
    3. Postgraduate diploma in business administration faculty of economic and rural development on 20\3\2005
    4. I finish the master of business administration (MBA) .

    1. Arabic writing reading speaking
    2. English writing reading speaking

    High analytical ability, faste learning patience working in multinational environment in a team and system development capacity

    WORK Experience:
    1. Textile engineer Elhuda textile CO LTD 3\1\2003 to 3\1\2004
    2. Textile engineer and textile management Elhuda textile CO LTD 1\9\2002 to 31\12\2002
    3. Industry safety engineer (labour Inspector) in Labour Work Office (I.L.O) Medani 9\3\2004 till now.

  59. Okot Alphonse Abude says:

    Am asenior six graduate and l have failed to raise fund to pay my self in he higher institution but all the adverts reads only when you have A Phd or apost graduate degree holder, now my question is how am going to benefit from this programmme

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