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Miríada X Rolled Out MOOC Platform In Latin America

Miríada X, the leading MOOC provider for Spanish and Portuguese operating in Spain since 2013, has been globally expanding the MOOC platform’s accessibility into much wider markets than Europe.

Now the reach of the platform has been expanded to more than 1,200 universities across the Latin American countries where demand for online education has been increasing with the widespread broadband availability.

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The roll out is made with the help of developers Telefónica’s Telefónica Learning Services and Banco Santander’s university partner network Universia and it was announced at the Third International Meeting of Universia Rectors in Brazil last month.

Telefónica Learning Services (TLS) specializes in offering comprehensive online learning solutions for Education and Training whereas Universia is an international reference for university relations which have the patronage of Banco Santander. Banco Santander is a Spanish banking group.

Miríada X has hosted 153 courses in Spanish and Portuguese with the help of a €4m investment through TLS and Universia along with 990 professors of 33 universities in Spain and Latin America.

Miríada X is the third-largest MOOC platform in the world with over 750,000 students after Coursera, which has more than 22 million sign ups and US-based platform EdX, which has almost 900,000 enrolments.

Miríada X estimates that there are about 600 million potential students in the Spanish and Portuguese speaking communities of the Latin American region, where access to English-taught education is low. This may solidify the position of the company as one of the most important MOOC platforms.

Coursera has joined hands with Mexico’s Carlos Slim Foundation to create a new Spanish interface in order to address the growing demand for MOOCs among Spanish speakers. The partnership was made earlier this year with the aim of translating 50 courses into Spanish by the end of 2014.

Veduca, an education platform, has been translating courses from leading institutions including Harvard, Stanford and Oxford into Portuguese since 2012 in Brazil with the help of investments mostly from Bolt Ventures and Macmillan Digital Education.

César Alierta, president of Telefónica, is of the view that there is a growing need for education and a generation that is clearly committed to technology in Latin America. This supporting factor may lay a solid foundation for success for Miríada X in Latin America along with the high penetration and accessibility of internet connectivity.

Emilio Botín, president of Banco Santander hopes that this will be a historic opportunity for the higher education systems in Latin America. He also expressed his confidence that the platform will increase access to higher education across the continent as Miríada X has all the tools necessary to become the world-wide leader of open online courses in Spanish and Portuguese.

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