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Pearson Purchased an Online Learning Firm

Pearson Plc (PSON) the owner of Penguin Book Publisher and the publisher of Financial Times Newspaper in US has acquired Embanet Compass an online learning firm for $650 million (£405m). This firm provides online education to more than 100 colleges and universities of North America.

Pearson is purchasing this company from an investor group managed by Technology Crossover Ventures and Knowledge Universe, the London based company. This initiative was taken to expand the education business. The acquisition will enhance the earnings per share and will generate a return on invested capital from the coming year.

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Pearson is somehow challenging the sale of print products by the expansion of its online education business. The EmbanetCompass provides:

  • Learning program design and development
  • Data-driven student retention
  • Faculty training and support
  • Marketing and student recruitment
  • Learning analytics as well as counseling
  • Tutoring and mentoring of students

Pearson group also offers online education in US through collaborations with many organizations like Arizona State University, California State University Online and the community college systems in West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Iowa and Colorado.

The CEO of Pearson North America, Will Ethridge told that this partnership will increase their investment and there will be huge opportunities for development and expansion in online education and educational services.

Increasing popularity of online learning resulted as an add on option for students in their learning procedures.Students find online methods more comfortable and effective for their studies as these are more dynamic and flexible.

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