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PhD/Doctoral Student Position in Industrial Engineering at Sabanci University in Istanbul

Sabanci University in Istanbul calls for applications for PhD studentship in Industrial Engineering

Study Subject:Tactical and Strategic Railway Crew Planning Problems
Employer: Sabanci University
Level: PhD
Scholarship Description: Several planning problems related to transportation activities at railways, airlines, ground transportation and maritime transportation have received attention in Operations Research scientific area. Effective decision support systems are required to solve the planning problems related to transportation activities and processes. Crew planning problems are one of the mostly studied topics in this area of research since crew related costs have a significant share in overall costs. Railways have paid particular attention to this topic as they are striving for cost-cutting competitive advantages in order to compete with other transportation modes, especially with the trucking industry. . Operational level planning problems have attracted too much attention in the past. In this project, we are looking into problems at the tactical and strategic levels of a hierarchical planning framework.

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The student is expected to have an MS degree in Industrial/Systems Engineering or Operations Research. The student should have a strong background in linear programming, and be interested in integer programming problems, combinatorial optimization, network flows and algorithms. Good programming skills (preferably in C++ or C#) is also necessary. Students with an MS degree in Computer Science/Engineering with an interest in algorithms, or a degree in Mathematics with an interest in combinatorial optimization are also welcome if they are interested in operations research and analytics.

Financial Aid:
The student will have a full scholarship for the tuition and will be paid a monthly earning from the TÜB?TAK research grant. In addition to a regular full scholarship, ample travel funds from the grant and additional benefits from Sabanc? University are available based on the student’s qualifications. You may contact the project coordinator for more details on the financial aid.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 27 May 2011

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