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RCACF New Scholarships Announcement

Russell County Area Community Foundation (RCACF) proudly announces 11 new scholarships that will extensively support the youth of the town to pursue higher education. Students can apply for the scholarship online by visiting official website of RCACF and following the process on the site.

Below is the list of 11 new scholarships introduced by RCACF:

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(a) The Adolph Boehler Student Aid Scholarship: This funding is specially for RHS students applying for post-secondary institutions. There are certain criteria which need to be fulfilled:
-Student must be qualified graduate from Russell High School
-He/she must have interest in pursuing further education
-He/she should demonstrate scholastic ability

(b) The David Ochs Memorial: The funding is available for students who want complete post-secondary institutions. Criteria that need to be fulfilled are-
-Applicant must be member of current year graduation or must be recipient of earlier funding.
-Applicant must have qualities of leadership

(c) The Doran and Bina Dole Scholarship: Under this there are two scholarships of $2500, among which one can be renewable for 4 yrs. Criteria that need to be fulfilled are-
-Applicants must have cumulative GPA of 2.8
-Funding will be only provided to students having a genuine disability

Scholarship applicant can also apply for renewal. However, students must submit transcripts and verification of enrollment for the coming year. Additionally, student must also complete minimum of 12 hrs per semester.

(d) Ervin and Denzell Zimmerman Memorial Scholarship: Seniors who want to enroll for a full time course of study at four-year college and seek degree in education can apply for education and agriculture. Certain criteria are-
-Applicant should be senior from Russell High School
-Applicant must carry extra- curricular involvement in high school
-He/she must intend to apply for a degree in education

(e) The Joshua Scholarship: It is offered to RHS graduates age who are upto 30yrs and attending post-secondary institutions. Criteria are:
-Student must be 30yrs of age at the beginning of the academic year for which the scholarship is applied for.
-Applicant should also be involved in extra-curricular activities
-Applicant must be in need of finance

(f) The Kenneth V. Dumler Memorial Scholarship: This is offered to students pursuing  post-secondary institutions. Criteria are:
-Applicant must be current academic year member
-Applicant must demonstrate scholastic ability
-Applicant must demonstrate qualities of citizenship

(g) Murphy Memorial Scholarship: The fund is available for seniors in high school living in the Gorham Telephone Company’s service area (USD 299, 392, 399, 407 and 432). Criteria for this funding are-
-Applicant should carry strong sense of leadership
-Applicant must submit an outline of major accomplishment earned till date
-Applicant must maintain 2.5 GPA or better

(h) Paul E. Ruggels Memorial Scholarship: Students who have graduated from Natoma High School can apply for this fund. Certain criteria to be fulfilled are-
-Applicant must enroll in a full time course of study at college or community college.
-Preference will be given to students having earned certificates in health care.

(i) Pohlman Family Scholarship: The funding is offered for high school seniors of USD 407 or USD 399 attending accredited. Criteria applicable are-
-Applicant must carry a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better on 4.0 scales
-Applicant also have submit story on future plans
-Applicant also needs to demonstrate academic ability.

(j) RHS Class of 1952 Scholarship: The funding is available for students attending similar course. Criteria for the funding are-
-Applicant must be RHS graduating senior
-Must carry good work ethic and high moral standing
-Submit the list of intended goals
-Submit Humanitarian and Civic Service Experience

(k) Sean Paul Banks Memorial Scholarship: Student who carries a good standing qualification for graduation are eligible for this fund. Criteria applicable are:
-Applicant must carry cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher 4.0 scale
-Applicant must be active in 2 sports during senior year
-Application must carry 2 letters of recommendation

Applicants interested in seeking any of the above mentioned scholarships should submit the required application online before 1st March, 2015.

About RCACF:
This community foundation aims to create community awareness by using funds. Started in 2001, it was founded by having affiliation with already established Greater Salina Community Foundation.  The community aims to become a foremost Philanthropic organization in US.

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