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Scholarship For MBBS Doctor

Studying medical is surely a matter of huge expense and if you are hailing from a mediocre family then the costs may be soaring higher than sky even. In this case, a medical college with a scholarship program can be a right destination for you as an aspiring future doctor to be. Exploring the right scholarship for MBBS is indeed a challenging job for the students and there are several options available all across the world. The guidelines might help you to choose the right one.

Importance of MBBS

MBBS doctors play a very crucial role in treating patients. They are the experienced professionals who work at the grass level by conducting clinical investigations so as to determine the exact disease in patient. The role of the MBBS doctor is to collect information and offer it to the specialists so that the patients can get immediate and exact treatments. The physicians are suitable for initial investigation of medical diagnosis and also for in-depth diagnosis. It is believed that MBBS doctors have a very crucial role in terms of medical assistance.

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Opportunities after MBBS

MBBS is not only a degree, but it has immense importance and value in the society today. Today, due to the increasing demand in the medical sphere, MBBS is no longer reckoned as final qualification. After this degree the students also need to pursue further PG courses with specialization to advance in medical field. Several options are available today in this field and students can go for any stream according to their social desires, wishes and aims. After completing MBBS degree, you can start private practice in clinics or even start practicing in hospitals and medical colleges as general physician. To further advance in your career it is becomes important for you to opt for some PG course with specialization.

Top Ranking Medical Schools

Stanford University
Yale University
Minnesota’s Mayo Medical School
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
University of British Columbia
University of Calgary
Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
National Taiwan University     

Scholarship for MBBS

Bashford Medicine Scholarship

The scholarship is offered from the University of Queensland to meritorious students but with not a sound financial background. He/she needs to have a great academic achievement and few personal qualities to claim the scholarship which amounts to $5,000 each year.mbbs

NUS undergraduate Scholarship
The scholarship is offered by the National University of Singapore, to candidates who are well known for a strong leadership qualities, co-ordinating activities, and potential to reach to the top level.

AOMA President’s Award
If you are enrolled to AOMA as an MBBS student you are entitled for the $500 award which will be selected only the basis of the GPA of AOMA and your performance in the essay questions attempted.

Scholarship from William Nathaniel Robertson Scholarship
If you want to avail the $2078 valued scholarship then you must be interested in the integrated MBBS/PhD program from the university. Your academic results must be up to the mark and you must show your association with an appropiate research project.

A & J Gratcheff Memorial Scholarship
This one is meant for those who are studying MBBS , PhD or Mphil in clinical geriatric medicine. You cannot any other scholarships if you are selected for this one and your academic achievement must be fulfilling the criteria set by the University.

DCMS Presidential Scholarship
The value of the scholarship amounts to $1500 and you must be in 2nd year to be eligible for the same. You must be residing in Pennsylvania for at least 1 year, and need to have good academic qualifications for availing the same.

STT Scholarship for International Students
If you are a Non European candidate, this one is for you, that cover your tuition fees, and your stay to some extent. You need to have a decent IELTS score of more than 6.5 and the scholarship is valid for 1 year only.

Alexander and Elizabeth Raff Memorial Scholarship
You need to be in the 2nd year of MBBS undergraduate degree  and need to be specialised in Bachelor of Surgery or Bachelor of Medicine. You need to have a very high score in the 2nd year to avail this international scholarship of $500.

Irena Ivanpic Howley Scholarships
This scholarship is issued in the memory of Irena and her academic achievements by the University of Newcastle. You can avail it only at the first year of MBBS only.

Douglas Lee Family Scholarships
If you are an international student pursuing the Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery this scholarship is designed for you. You can enjoy this for 1 year and the value is nothing less than $1500.