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Government of the Slovak Scholarships for International Students in Slovakia, 2023

The Government of the Slovak Republic is providing the National Scholarships Programme for brilliant candidates in Slovakia for the academic year 2023-2024.

The Government of the Slovak Republic approved the establishment of the National Scholarship Programme the Slovak Republic for the support of the mobility of students, PhD students, university teachers, researchers, and artists in 2005. The National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic (NSP) is funded by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic

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Nice opportunity for international students to get an educational fund in Slovakia.



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The Government of the Slovak Republic exercises executive authority in Slovakia. It is led by the Prime Minister of Slovakia, who the President of Slovakia and nominates is usually the leader of the majority party or the majority coalition after an election to the National Council of the Slovak Republic.

Why should you apply for this program? Research candidates are encouraged to apply to this program. They can benefit from conducting research abroad, which will help empower their academic and career goals by removing the financial barrier.

Application Deadline: The applications for this grant will be accepted only through 30 April & 31 October.

Brief Description

  • University or Organization: Government of Slovakia
  • Department: NA
  • Course Level: PhD degree
  • Awards: Varies
  • Access Mode: Online
  • Number of Awards: Not known
  • Nationality: International students
  • The award can be taken in Slovakia


  • Eligible Countries: Aspirants outside of Slovakia.
  • Acceptable Course or Subjects: PhD degree in any subject.
  • Admissible Criteria: To be eligible for this fund, the applicant must have to meet the following eligibility criteria:
  • Students who are university students at universities outside Slovakia are students of the second level of higher education (master’s students) or are students who, at the time of the application deadline, have already completed at least 2.5 years of their university studies in the same study programme and will be on a study stay in Slovakia during their higher education outside Slovakia and who will be accepted by a public, private or state university in Slovakia for an academic mobility1 to study in Slovakia.
  • PhD students whose higher education or scientific training takes place outside Slovakia and who are accepted by a public, private, or state university or a research institution in Slovakia are eligible to carry out a doctoral study programme2 (e.g., the Slovak Academy of Sciences) for an academic mobility1 to study/conduct research in Slovakia.
  • International university teachers, researchers, and artists are invited to a teaching/research/artistic stay in Slovakia by an institution with a valid certificate of eligibility to carry out research and development, which is not a business company3, and it has its headquarters in Slovakia.

How to Apply

  • How to Apply: To be considered for this education award, seekers must be registered as PhD students from a recognized university in Slovakia. Applicants can apply for the studentship by submitting an online application, which is available at http://www.scholarships.sk. By the given deadline.
  • Supporting Documents: Must attach the required documents such as curriculum vitae, motivation letter,  detailed study programme, two recommendation letters issued by applicant’s university teachers,  confirmation published by the applicant’s home university confirming that the applicant is a regular student of the respective university,  scan of applicant’s bachelor’s diploma, diploma supplement and state examination certificate, admission letter issued by applicant’s host university in Slovakia.
  • Admission Requirements: For admission, claimants are recommended to hold their bachelor’s and master’s degree certificates with good academic grades.
  • Language Requirements: Seekers must have to prove their English language skills.


The scholarship is intended to cover international scholarship holders’ living costs, i.e., the costs related to staying in Slovakia (food, accommodation, etc.), during their study, research/artistic or teaching remain at universities and in research organizations in Slovakia. The scholarship holder can ask for assistance concerning accommodation and formalities related to entering and staying in the territory of the Slovak Republic, either his/her host institution or he/she can handle all the necessities him-/herself.

Scholarship holders whose scholarship stay in Slovakia last longer than 90 days and who are citizens of countries outside the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland are obliged to submit to the foreign police office a confirmation that they do not suffer from any disease threatening public health within 30 days from being awarded the temporary residence. Scholarship holders will be reimbursed the costs related to medical examination and issuing of this confirmation, up to 250 € per scholarship holder, after delivering the original of bill issued by the respective medical institution to SAIA, n. o., in Bratislava. A list of competent medical institutions will be provided to scholarship holders by the respective foreign police offices in Slovakia. Scholarship holders are obliged to deliver the bill to SAIA, n. o., in Bratislava, within the deadline for submitting the final report; otherwise, they will lose their right to the reimbursement of the costs.

In addition, students and PhD students [eligible applicants under the category A) and B)] can be awarded a travel allowance (travel grant) if they apply for it along with their scholarship application. Travel allowance is awarded as a lump sum and will be paid to the scholarship holder at the end of his/her stay together with the last scholarship payment. The travel allowance amount depends on the distance (in a direct line) between the applicant’s place of residence and the place of his/her stay in Slovakia5:

  • Distance up to 350 km – 0 €,
  • distance more than 350 km, max. 2,000 km – 250 €,
  • distance more than 2,000 km, max. 7,000 km – 500 €,
  • distance more than 7,000 km – 1 000 €.

Amount of the Monthly Scholarship

university student of the second level of higher education 400 €
b) PhD student 734 €
c) university teacher/researcher/artist:
  • without PhD degree (or its equivalent) and at the same time less than four years of work experience as a university teacher/researcher/artist
734 €
  • with PhD degree (or its equivalent) and at the same time less than ten years of work experience as a university teacher/researcher/artist
980 €
  • with PhD degree (or its equivalent) and, at the same time, more than ten years of work experience as a university teacher/researcher/artist
1 050 €

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