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Scholarships for Online Classes

Are you an international student? Are you looking to advance your career by getting a higher education? If so, then there are many scholarships for online courses may be available for you.

Scholarships are good ways to finance your education. Many international schools offer scholarships and financial aid opportunities for undergraduate and masters courses.

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Some are merit-based scholarships, however many are offered on the basis of nationality, ethnicity, language or extracurricular activities taken at school.

For distance learning courses several scholarships are available. These can be divided into three types of scholarships.

University Scholarships

Several international universities around the world have started offering distance-learning scholarships for international students. These scholarships are mainly available for students with the highest calibre of academic potential.

Some of the popular scholarships cover the full cost of tuition and living expenses. However many are partially funded and you may end up paying the remaining fees.

Online classes scholarships can be available for multiple subjects. UK universities offer scholarships for BA, BSc, Masters and PhD scholarships for online courses. Recently University of Leister offered scholarships for distance learning PhD from the School of Political Science and International Relations.

Non-Profit Organization Scholarships

Qualification is not always the most important factor for getting a scholarship. Many Non-profit organizations, working towards the betterment of the education, are offering scholarships for online courses.

These are mostly available for promotion and development of the specific talent or cause. You may get a scholarship based on your exceptional athletic ability, music talent, or writing skills.

Contest Scholarships

Another way to get money for your online classes is by entering into an award competition. Many companies and organizations offer cash rewards for winning students in competitions.

Many of the awards are focused on writing, such as essay competitions, but they are also surveys and reviews. International students enrolled at a college or university could be eligible to compete for several $1,000 to $10,000 scholarships.

However, you have to be careful in applying for writing contests. You should make sure that the organization is legitimate and offers awards without any obligations. You should avoid scholarships, which charge to apply for scholarships.

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