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Student Visa : A Ticket to International Education

Education plays an important role in everybody’s life. A well educated person is not only an asset to the family but is indirectly contributing to the economy of his country. The progress of any country lies on the shoulders of youth.

Youngsters are well equipped with enthusiasm, energy and innovative ideas, what they have learned they are not at all satisfied with it they want to learn more and explore new things and touch the sky. Foreign education is acting like magnet to the students.

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Being a bright student, you wish you continue your studies abroad? The first step would be applying for a student visa after to get selected to the concerned college or university abroad. You can apply for a student visa even if you are yet to apply for an admission in the concerned university. All you have to do is to follow the steps and procedures incorporated by the Government of the concerned country you are applying visa for.

Ample number of students are migrating to foreign countries for further studies. Countries like UK, USA, Canada, and Australia are attracting students from across the globe. After studying in these countries the students can earn well and increase their standard of living. These countries not only provide better employment but students enjoy many health benefits also.

What is a student visa?

Today various countries offer many kinds of visas which allow you to go abroad and one such visa type is students Visa. This is a visa especially for student who want to study in foreign countries for a specified duration. One has to have the basic admission letter from the concerned organization or a recognized institute of the country you are applying visa for.

Be Prepared for the Student Visa Process

You should be clear enough of the student’s visa requirements of your country and spend plenty of time on researching, and then apply for it. You have to go through an interview process where you are entitled to a number of questions as the reason you want to study in the particular country, your plans, and your career goals.

If you hold a scholarship from the concerned country the process eventually gets simpler than before. You need to clearly mention the name of the institute and the course you are applying for. You should have a basic idea about the country as well.

Students Visa Types

F-1 Students Visa – This is the most common visa for students who want to study abroad. You can apply a visa and take admission in any of the English institute abroad. You have to be eligible enough after all.

J-1 Exchange Visa – This visa is for people who wish to participate in an exchange program including those in the high school and in university studies.

M-1 Student Visa – People those who are engaged in non academic or vocational study can apply for this visa and head for training to abroad.

Choice of Proper Channel

A proper channel of visa application should be followed for visa formalities. The sites on net gives full knowledge of all the visas. In some countries visas can be applied through online and some might need the personally presence of the applicant. The professional are experts and their expert advice can be taken before applying for visa application.

-They not only help in providing necessary information but also guide in arranging and giving information on the documents needed for visa purpose.
-They charge very nominal and should be contacted before hand.
-They not only help in obtaining the study visa but also aid the student getting job in the country which can help the scholar enjoy the benefit of earning along with studying, thus meeting his own study expenses.
-They help in placing the student at the right place and help them attain temporary residency also.
-They give step by step instructions and also tell their clients about the free structure also. Whether it is refundable or not. Where the application amount is to be deposited and how to present during interview.

Migrating to foreign countries would not have been that easy without their help. If foreign studies is what is in your mind than don’t hesitate these professional are just a click away. Go and call them and make your dream come true of studying abroad.

Student Visa Details of Some Selected Countries

Go through the brief description of the visa processes of some selected countries below:

UK Student Visa
The easy route by which a scholar can make an entry to the Great Britain is through Tier 4 which is basically a system based on points. The points are given on behalf of the documents and the student who achieves the relevant points becomes eligible for the immigration purpose. Applicant can apply through application form VAF9 or can apply online also. The application form and VAF9 can be simply downloaded from the net following the relevant instructions. With the form the student has to submit the finger prints along with the latest picture at the visa centers of application. All relevant data is provided there as to documents needed, visa fees, and terms and conditions regarding the visa formalities. For details follow the website.

USA Student Visa
It calls for the acceptance of their school or institutions before applying for visa. After approval these institutions will give the student approval document which has to be submitted along with the application while applying for visa. The visa is classified under the heading F-1and M-1. Where F-1 visa is most common visa for academic and English language courses and this visa will be beneficial in case the course exceeds 18 hours. Whereas M-1 visa is mainly for the non academic or vocational studies. After submitting the necessary documents the applicant will be called for an interview and further processing goes on. For more information on visa search on the site.

Student Visa France
Students from countries outside of the European Union must obtain a student visa. There are four possible types of visa:
-Short stay student visa
-Visa for competitive entrance examinations
-Temporary long stay student visa
-Long stay student visa
It can be applied online and relevant help can be taken from the website. A helpline centers can be contacted and even an appointment can be fixed.

Australia Visa
Australia being the hot destination for millions of people lending daily either for work or studies. It has become a talent pool to attract millions of students to migrate to this down town. A necessary requirement is the student must satisfy (GTE) means Genuine Temporary Entrant and must be a genuine student. GTE calls for some requirements which has to be fulfilled pertaining to the students potential circumstances and his immigration history along with an interview specifying his eligibility through this GTE.S tudents are required to submit letter of offer along with their visa application. Government Website can be searched for further information of online application procedure.

Germany Student Visa
Visa to Germany depends on the applicant’s country and the duration of his stay. Different papers have to be submitted before applying for visa. Few countries like Switzerland, Norway just need an identity card for entry to Germany where as few countries enjoys the visa on arrival facility also. An applicant is needed to check the requirements about the documents and other rules at the site before applying for the visa. Mostly visa are issued for 3 months only. One of the necessities of the visa is health insurance of the student. All up to date information is available on the site and one must go through this website before applying for visa.

Student Visa to Study in Canada
Students need a study permit if they wish to take academic, professional or vocational training at a university, college or other educational institution in Canada. To help students to be part of this maple leaf country all information is available on the site. All instructions need a go through before filling application for student visa. All terms and conditions are specified on the site and all information regarding application fees along with refund information can be obtainable at the site. The site gives the complete knowledge about the necessary documents which has to be submitted for the visa processing. In case of any doubts the professional can be consulted. They are well informed and help the students with their best of knowledge and guide the proper route to the scholar who makes the entry to the above mentioned country easy and simple. You must apply for a study permit from outside Canada, at the visa office responsible for the country or region where you live.

Singapore Visa
Commonly known as student pass in Singapore which enabled the student to study there. But entry to the country is only if the student is being accepted by the educational institute and is allowed to study. The visa is mainly issued for 30 days. Nearest Singapore embassy should be consulted for the visa requirements. The country is known for its world class studies and should not be missed upon. Explore the site for detailed information.

The formalities and procedures are slightly different for different countries but the application procedures are common for all. You are not eligible for a visa to France if your age is less than 18 years. For all such countries, you should have clear documentations and then the procedures are quick and getting a student visa is then no hurdle. You can even request for a student’s visa online to the concerned country website. After following all criteria set by Gov. you can get student visa easily. One should hold a license of the particular government stating that you are a genuine citizen of your country who wish to study in their country in that particular university. This makes the visa application process easy and quick. One must buy tickets and do other arrangements only after getting the visa. This will save you from any financial loss in cases the visa process is delayed.

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