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Houtan Scholarship Foundation Hispanic Scholarships for International Students

Houtan Scholarship Foundation Hispanic Scholarship for International Students

To support emerging scholars through a grant, Houtan Scholarship Foundation is currently providing Hispanic Scholarship program. This HSF opportunity is inviting students from all origins, Iranian and non-Irani The Hispanic award is available for both fall and spring semester and will give one prize of $3500 per year toward graduate school education. The HSF fund …

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Houtan Scholarship for Iranian and International Students in USA, 2014

Houtan Foundation offers scholarship for Iranian and International students in USA. Currently, one award of $3500 per year will be given towards a graduate school education for the selected applicant. The award is offered for a combined fall and spring semester. The Houtan Foundation has a strong interest in each of these students’ achievements throughout the scholarship …

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Phd,postdoctoral fellowship in the International Institute of Social History ,Netherlands

The International Institute of Social History (IISH) is the world’s largest documentation and research centre in the field of social history. Since its foundation in 1935, the institute has dedicated itself to the collection, preservation and availability of the heritage of social movements worldwide. The institute is independent and reliable, which makes it a natural …

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KT&G Fellowship at GSIS, for Turkish, Iranian, Russian, Kazakhstani, Indonesian, Yonsei 2010

KT&G Fellowship at GSIS, for Turkish, Iranian, Russian, Kazakhstani, Indonesian, Yonsei 2010 Application Deadline: November 30, 2009 The KT&G Foundation offers scholarships to the Turkish, Iranian, Russian, Kazakhstani, Indonesian students who seek a master’s degree at the Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) of Yonsei University: ?. Eligibility and Conditions Degree: A Bachelor’s degree or …

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Scholarships for Iranian Nationals in Norway:Norwegian Folk High School

Scholarships for Iranian nationals Would you like to live and study for a year at a Norwegian Folk High School? This year the Norwegian Memorial Fund offers scholarships for young Iranians.The Memorial Fund of 8th May scholarship is established to promote cultural exchange between foreign countries and the Norwegian folk high schools. The Board of …

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