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DFSC UK Announces Welbeck Private Scheme For International Students

Defense Sixth Form College (DFSC) in Welbeck, United Nation is known to hold a reputation for being one of the finest institutes comprising of full boarding facility being offered to the students for their educational needs and personal growth in the Defence sector and Civil Services.

The college has maintained a high repute in the field of training and education and has been able to justify its existence with the deliverance of fine armed and civil service employees.



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The college for the first time is spreading its arms across for the international students who under the Welbeck Private Scheme will be welcomed to enroll in the college and will not even have a compulsion of joining the armed or civil services on completion of their education.

The college has committed itself to TQ which is a fine learning company and is associated with the Pearson Group. They are established in providing a level education with science and technology as there forte. Besides high educational standards physical training is also given high importance in the education system of the college as it helps in personality development of the students.

Welbeck Private Scheme is being announced for the first time and this will hand over a great opportunity for international students as they will under the scheme be benefitted with the achievements the college offers.

DFSC is expecting a high number of student applications from the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Peter Middleton principal of DFSC comments on the high standards of education and achievements that are offered to the students and also extends the excitement of being open to international students for the first time. He terms it as an opportunity which must be griped by the students who believe in there caliber and aspire to make it big in life.

He also talks about how the results of the college have been embarking the educational sector as all the students enrolled in the college in the past five years have been able to complete there A level examinations leaving the college with a 100% result. 87% was the average pass grades for A and B level examinations in the year 2012 which is an achievement in itself.

A huge number of students have been a part of Oxford and Cambridge for their further studies and thus the college authorities can vouch for the standard the college talks about. Welbeck private Scheme is an offer which must be a motivating aspect for the talented and skilled students to make their chance in entering the DFSC and be among the 175 count of students who are selected for a life changing process through educational and personal development. DFSC is currently accepting applications for the admission of 2014 under the Welbeck Private Scheme.

Nidhi Malhotra