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7 Secrets Why International Students Love London

7 Secrets Why International Students Love London

London is well-known as a bustling city full of opportunity. Many of us grow up dreaming of moving to the big smoke one day, and the many movies set there to provide a romantic view of life in the city. But is it all it’s cracked up to be? London is the most popular destination for international students in the world.

Ahead of popular cities, such as New York and Paris, London takes the number one spot. It is currently home to over 100,000 international students, who originate from over 200 countries worldwide. Described as a melting pot of cultures, London offers a unique experience to those lucky enough to study there.

So what is it about London that makes it so appealing? Check out the 7 top reasons here.

1. London is home to over 120 libraries.

Let’s face it, studying can be tedious, and libraries can be dull. But, as a student in London, your options of where to study are endless! Home to 120 libraries over the city, the variety of study areas and access to study books is an excellent support to students in London. A favourite library option for students in London is the British Library in Holborn. Over 150 million books are available, and a vast 3 million new books are added each year! In fact, the British Library is home to the Magna Carta and even a folio of Shakespeare’s original works.

This culture is mixed with a very modern library setting – the library was actually only built in 1998 and is well-known for its stunning architecture. The best news for students is that entrance to the British Library, and all of the other London libraries, are free. If you want to take the books back home, you will need to set up an account, but that is free too – just as long as you return the books on time!

2. London universities are responsible for several groundbreaking discoveries.

Researches at London higher education institutions are responsible for the discovery of penicillin, fingerprints and DNA, among others. University College London (UCL) is responsible for the discovery of breakthrough treatments for leukaemia and aggressive cancers, Imperial College London developed a smart baby buggy for the visually impaired, the University of the Arts London is responsible for supporting refugee journalists, St. George’s (University of London) reduced cardiac deaths among young people, and The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine developed responses to global disease outbreaks.

Whatever your field of study, higher education institutions in London offer a fantastic opportunity for you to become involved in high quality, and possibly groundbreaking, research. With a research income of over $820 million, many students and scholars make the journey to London to progress their studies.

7 Secrets Why International Students Love London

3. The universities in London are just so good.

London offers both quality and choice in its higher education institutions. There are 45 universities located in the city ranging from fashion institutions to top-level business schools. Some of its institutions hold world-class research centres, while others offer multi-faculty studies. It is not only its institutions that offer such variety, but there are also over 30,000 courses available across universities in London for study!

No matter what you wish to study, London will have an option for you. In addition, it is home to some of the top institutions in the world. In fact, four of the top 100 universities in the QS World University Rankings are located in London. They are UCL (ranked 7th), Imperial College London (ranked 8th), King’s College London (ranked 23rd) and the London School of Economics (LSE) (ranked 35th).

4. There are over 1000 museums and galleries to take learning out of the classroom.

When studying in London, there are many options for taking learning outside of the classroom by visiting one of its thousand museums or galleries. No matter the area of study you are interested in, there is bound to be an option for you. History buffs may be interested in a trip to the Imperial War Museum or the famous Churchill war Rooms, for those mad about science a visit to the Natural History Museum or Science Museum is highly recommended, or if you want a more artsy experience, then the National Portrait Gallery or Tate Modern are your best options. Many of the larger museums and galleries are free, so you don’t heaven need to dip into your savings to enjoy an educational day out in the city!

7 Secrets Why International Students Love London

5. When you need a break from studying, the options are endless.

London is an entertaining city. There are so many activities available, depending on your preferences and budget. Home to over 100 cinemas, 350 live music venues, 100 parks, 5000 restaurants and 7000 bars and pubs, there really is no chance of getting bored during your stay in London. Visit the Odeon in Leicester Square to experience where celebrities have watched movie premieres, head to Hyde Park on a hot day for an authentic London park experience, or check out the O2 Academy in Brixton to see some live music.

6. Study in the same institutions as some of the world’s most successful people.

Over 70 Nobel prize winners have studied in London universities. Juan Manuel Santos, the former Colombian president and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2016, studied at LSE (London School of Economics). Many people are surprised to learn that Florence Nightingale was a student at King’s College London and Sir Charles Kao, who discovered the transmission of light in fibre optics, was a student at the Queen Mary University of London.

7. You never know you might get to meet the Queen.

London is home to the most famous family in the world, the Windsors. Loved by many around the world, the royal family are a true symbol of Britain. Whether you fancy a visit to Buckingham Palace, a stroll down the Mall or glimpse at the Trooping of the Colour, international students and visitors from around the world revel in the royal activities available around the city.

7 Secrets Why International Students Love London

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