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Best Agricultural Universities Worldwide

Agriculture happens to be one of the oldest occupations of mankind and is practiced across the globe, including in highly advanced economies too.

Today, one may perceive agriculture to be a bit backward in the wake of the technological advancements and emergence of new and modern occupations. But, just as technology and higher skills have added extra leverage to educational programs across disciplines, the area of agricultural studies too has benefited.

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Why Degree In Agriculture?

It‡s a widely-spread belief among students that a degree in agriculture would not be as useful as any other professional degree. However, this view held by many is not true as there‡s lack of information, not opportunity, on what careers one can follow after completing a degree in agriculture.

Farming is the most common image that appears in mind when we think about agriculture. Yes, it‡s true, large part of this job is about farming, but that‡s a very limited view of a field that‡s so diverse. Maybe that‡s the main reason why not many take this course seriously… [Read More]

Selected Agricultural Universities Worldwide

Currently, there are few leading agricultural universities according to the “QS World Rankings” for agricultural programs and specially catering to international students too. QS rankings is one of the most popular offline and online meeting point for interested students, faculty, educational institutions and people seeking information on top ranked universities or colleges located worldwide.

The annual rankings are considered to be authentic and followed by candidates everywhere. Some of the leading ones as per the rankings are as follows:

University Of California, Uc Davis

This university consistently ranks high on various aspects for its studies and other facilities. According to the QS World Rankings 2014, it was declared the first and the best agriculture and forestry university globally; it ranks at the top with two other US universities (Penn and UC Berkeley)  for producing the highest number of Fulbright Scholars in 2012-13; it ranks 10th in terms of attracting the most number of international students for 2012-13; it ranks No 1 in the national list of leading agricultural universities as well having the most number of faculty published material on this field. Located in the sunny state of California, the University offers graduate and undergraduate programs in almost all areas of agriculture like plant sciences, environmental sciences and many more.  One finds many international students choosing this leading university to hone their skills.

Some of the leading fellowships offered to international students include:

The Humphrey Fellows– Under this fellowship, experienced professionals from across few countries worldwide can come to the US and are hosted at the UC Davis. It is one of the premier 16 US universities that host this program.

Research and Innovation Fellowship for Agriculture (RIFA) –Under this program, individuals who are in the early career stages of agricultural led profession in various UC Davis programs get an opportunity to engage in short term international projects.

Wageningen University, the Netherlands

One of the leading universities in the Netherlands, the Wageningen University focuses completely on ‘healthy food and living environment‡ as a concept. The University collaborates with business entities and government agencies in creating and promoting this concept in application. The main approach lies in actual implementation of the advanced research done here as well as following a scientific approach across all programs. The university offers undergraduate, graduate and PhD programs to students who are looking to develop their skills and understanding in the field of agriculture.

The university enjoys high rankings as follows : The QS World Rankings considers it one of the best amongst the top 150 around the world and it comes an impressive second in its list of best agricultural universities; The Keuzegids ranking, 2015 rates the Wageningen University as the best University of the Netherlands for the tenth time in a row.

Cornell University

One of the most well known and recognized Ivy League universities, Cornell has established a credible reputation globally for all its programs and courses. Located in Ithaca, New York, Cornell has a plethora of courses across multiple disciplines for domestic and international students.

Some of its rankings include;  The annual colleges rankings from the U.S. News and World Report puts it at number 15 across the country ; QS World Rankings places it at number 15 across the world‡s top 800  universities and at 3rd place for its agriculture programs. The university welcomes and invites international students to its programs. The college of agriculture offers the Tata funding for Indian students. This scholarship is offered annually to Indian students for their undergraduate studies to help them finance their course.

University Of Wisconsin-Madison

Located in the city of Madison, this University enjoys much recognition for its programs and its network of prominent alumni. This university offers a historic overview of the growth and advancement of academics and its presence for over 100 years makes it an integral part of the US education system.

Current University rankings include: US News and World Report ranks it number 13th amongst public institutions; The Center for World University Rankings puts it at number 25 amongst worldwide institutions and the QS World rankings pegs it at number 4 for its agricultural programs.

This department is one of the largest and offers a scholarship called the Renk Scholar under which meritorious undergraduate students are chosen.

Texas A &M University

This university is a leading graduate research one and is also the state‡s first public institution. Its college of agriculture and life sciences is well reputed and enjoys some leading distinctions as follows: The program under Biological and Agricultural Engineering is ranked 1st at a national level in the U.S by U.S. News & World Report, 2011; Plant Pathology and Microbiology is ranked 2nd amongst public universities by stateuniversity.com and it features 5th by the QS World rankings. It is a great place for international students too as it is recognized for its research facilities and some of its programs are also recognized by the National Research council.

Purdue University

One of the most reputed and well known universities, Purdue is known for high quality education at affordable fees. It is considered to be one of the elite educational institutions in the country and is always ranked higher than most. Some of the prominent rankings enjoyed by Purdue are given ahead: It ranks 20th amongst the best national universities, ranks number 1 for agricultural and biological graduate and undergraduate programs, (U.S. News & World Report America’s Best Colleges 2015 Edition -Undergraduate Programs/ Graduate programs ); ranks 21st (4 International Colleges and Universities Web Rankings -January 2014 Top 200 World Universities); 6th according to QS World ranking subject wise and 102nd amongst global standings.

The University Of Queensland

Located in Australia, this University enjoys consistent rankings in the leading top 100 from across the globe and enjoys a credible reputation for its facilities and research work. The university also has large number of international students coming annually to pursue its leading programs across multiple disciplines. Students can engage in many extra-curricular activities in addition to their studies, giving them a well honed approach to learning. In terms of rankings, it is counted amongst the top 10 in the Asia-pacific region (Academic Ranking of World Universities) ; is ranked 43rd by QS World Rankings amongst global university rankings; was one of the only eight universities globally to get the QS Five Star Plus Rating too. With a network of almost 185 partner institutions globally, the university offers access to many opportunities across the globe to its students.

Oregon State University

A leading university, the Oregon State University boasts of a huge campus with access to much land covered in forests making it a great place to pursue environmental and agriculture led courses. It is known for its path-breaking research and eminent alumni who are business leaders today.

It is ranked highly across agencies and other third party sources , some of which are as follows: Top 70 universities in the US (Academic Ranking of Worldwide Universities in 2013); Forestry and agricultural sciences ranked #7 worldwide (QS World University study); A Tier 1 Research University-Carnegie Foundation ( only one of the 40 public universities nationwide); 73 Top Public Schools (US News & World Report).

The university has many international students pursuing all level courses and its award winning programs in increasing numbers annually.

Penn State University

The Pennsylvania State University was established in 1855 and currently has 24 campuses across the state of Pennsylvania. The University has approx 17,000 faculty members, around 100,000 students, a hospital that serves as a learning ground and also caters to more than a million patients on an annual basis. Research forms one of the key elements of the education imparted at its colleges and the research conducted across its colleges in various disciplines is used via projects for economic growth and community development initiatives. In fact it is this aspect which makes it one of the leading research led institutions globally.

Its rankings are as follows: Penn State World Campus ranked No. 1 for the best online bachelor programs in the country (U.S. News & World Report’s 2015 “Best Online Programs); ranked at No. 46 for 2014 (Center for World University Rankings) and many more.

Iowa State University

Iowa State is prestigious university with a friendly environment. It offers more than 100majors, study with world class scholars and boasts of 500 student organizations.

It enjoys high rankings at many levels as follows: Ranked amongst the top 50 public national universities;  the biological/agricultural engineering program features  as the 4th ranked program among all national universities, and 4th among public universities (U.S. News & World Report); the program also enjoys a ranking of the 10th best by QS World Rankings.