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Government of India Summer Research Fellowship Programme (SRFP) in India, 2019

Applications are invited for Summer Research Fellowship Programme (SRFP) which is supported by the Department of Science & Technology, the Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies (fifteen) and the rest by the JNCASR for the year 2019.

Summer Research Programme is open to Indian citizens. This programme has proved to be popular and competitive; each year, about 2000 students from all over India apply for the ~80 fellowships awarded.



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Valuable Summer Research Fellowship Programme in India.

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The aim of the programme is to make this globally visible by making it accessible to the student in the developing countries of South Asia and Africa. 

Application Deadline: Closed


  • Summer Research Programme is open for Indian citizens.
  • Students presently studying in I and II year of B.Sc., I, II & III year of B.S., I, II & III year of B.E. /B.Tech., I year of M.Sc., and I-III year of Integrated M.Sc. can apply for Life Sciences.
  • Students presently studying in II & III year of B.Sc., II, III & IV year B.S., II, III & IV year of B.E/B.Tech., I year of M.Sc. and I-III year of Integrated M.Sc. can apply for Physical Sciences, Engineering Sciences and Mathematics.
  • Students presently IV year of BS-MS, I year of M.Sc. and IV year of Int. M.Sc. can apply for Materials Sciences and Chemical Sciences.
  • Programs are available exclusively in following areas of Research: Life Sciences: Infectious and non-infectious diseases, bioinformatics, developmental biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology, genetics, life-history evolution, circadian biology, animal behaviour, behavioural ecology, evolutionary genetics, experimental evolution, population dynamics, phylogeography, neurophysiology, behavioural neurobiology and behavioural genetics and cell biology. Materials Sciences: Nanosciences, energy and green materials. Chemical Sciences: Solid state chemistry, theoretical and computational chemistry, organic, physical and inorganic chemistry, organic and asymmetric synthesis, medicinal and bio-organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, supramolecular chemistry and chemistry of nanomaterials, renewable energy, and healthcare-related materials chemistry. Physical Sciences: Condensed matter theory and experiment, statistical physics, semiconductor materials physics, biophysics, nanophysics, organic electronics, computational materials science, soft matter, semiconductor interfaces, heterostructures, physical metallurgy, and transmission electron microscopy. Engineering Sciences: Computational fluid dynamics using mesoscopic simulation techniques, dynamics and rheology of complex microstructured fluids including suspensions, emulsions and polymer solutions, flow of granular media, Active matter, Hydrodynamic stability of Newtonian and viscoelastic fluids, high Reynolds number flows and turbulence, non-linear dynamics and chaos, vortex dynamics, heat and mass transfer, geophysical fluid dynamics, microfluidics, acoustofluidics, and microgravity science.

How to Apply

  • How to apply: To participate, applications should be sent by post and ensure that applicants completed application include. Your “Area of Research” on the left-hand top corner of the mailing envelope.
  • Supporting Documents: To apply, students must be ready to submit two confidential reports sealed by the referee and with the referees’ signatures across the seals, attested Xerox copies of relevant mark sheets, etc.
  • Admission Requirements: Students who have secured not less than 80% in Maths and Science subjects in their 10th and 12th standard or equivalent examinations, and not less than first class in graduation and post graduation (if applicable).


The students selected under this programme are placed with scientists at the Centre or elsewhere in India, for 2 continuous months with a stipend of Rs.10,000/- p.m and travel support as per Centre’s norms.

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