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How to Write the Perfect Admissions Essay?

How to Write the Perfect Admissions Essay?

The admission essay is probably the most important aspect of your college application. It is that one thing that separated you from everybody else. Your essay should capture the essence of your very self.

Many students might have similar grades and extra-curricular record, however, a well-written admission essay is your chance to stand out from the crowd.

This one letter could describe exactly why you deserve a chance to get admitted and not other students with similar grades. The key is, to be honest, and creative with your words. Here’s how you can ensure that your letter carries the best version of you.

Think and Reflect

Carefully read the prompts and pick one topic that you can connect with the most. Think, exactly why a particular question is drawing your attention. Try to correlate it with your life. Remember, it might take time to understand exactly why something is drawing your attention.

It is important that you trust your gut feelings. Reflect on your past life to see if the chosen prompt really suits you. Brainstorm creative ideas that relate to the prompt.

Take your time

Don’t rush into it, an ideal admission essay takes some time to come alive. You need time and solitude to “cook” your thoughts. Remember, your first perception, at times, may not be the best representation of your outlook on something.

Give yourself enough time to think and reflect. Introspect to learn more about your deep thoughts and wishes. Allow yourself at least a minimum of 10 days to fashion your essay.

Make an Outline

Just like any other essay, your admission essay should also have a beginning, body and conclusion. To sell your story, you need to start with an impactful beginning followed by a passionate body and mellow ending.

You might wanna look for templates on the internet in case you’re not sure how to begin. Stick to a particular writing style. Choose any style that you feel the most comfortable writing in. Prepare some relevant anecdote that will put forward your image loud and clear.

Present your persona

This is one of the most important aspects of an admission essay. It should be about your true character. Always, be honest with your words. It does not matter if your friends have cooler stories to share than you. If you’re to make an impact on examiner with the letter, you must keep it personal.

Something, where students struggle while writing the admission essay, is trying to tell the life-story if a few words. Understand that you can not possibly input all your crazy stories under 1000 words. Therefore, it is important that you carefully curate your stories that support your views whilst describing your character.

Let it flow

The letter will require a lot of time and thoughts to present the best of you. Let the ideas flow in your head. Keep a note of something that you think might add a more personal touch to the letter. Do not rush into concluding something. Let your brain process more thoughts as possible. Choose the best out of many ideas that will put forward your best picture to the examiner.

When you make a statement on the letter, think of any personal incident that supports it. For example, if you imply that you’re a kind person. Think of stories from the past that showcase the kind part of you. Keep the stories and new thoughts coming in your head. Choose the best to stand out among the rest.

Be creative

The best way to bring out your creative side it by writing the letter without any pressure and rush. Before you pen down your words, think what would you like to read in a letter. Once you know that, follow a writing style that suits it and top it with your creativity.

Keep the letter formal but at the same time, be creative with your words that it sounds personal. Trust your vibes, if you do not feel imaginative and innovative someday, do not force to process thoughts and write that day.

Avoid tricky humour

You must avoid any tricky humour that might include limericks and one-liners. It is understandable that you want to sound wise with your letter. However, humour might not be the best way to say out loud that you indeed are humourous. Know that what you think is funny might not seem so funny to an examiner, nearly thrice your age. Strictly avoid using any humour regarding politics and sensitive topics such as ethnicity, gender and religion.

No to needless complexity

Nothing kills the mood of a reader than unnecessary complex words. Every student wishes to sound smart with words. However, using Thesaurus and inserting words that will require the examiner to look up the dictionary ten times in a paragraph will not do any good for the student. Stay true to your knowledge and use words that come from your heart.

Read and Rewrite

After you’ve finished writing the first draft of the essay, you should read it. There will always be certain new views to add and many things to re-write. A student typically needs to read and re-write the essay about 5 times to get it right.


Once you’ve finalised a draft and penned down your thoughts, proofread it one final time. Look for any spelling or grammatical error that might have gone unnoticed. If needed, ask a teacher or use the tools on the internet to proofread the final copy before sending it out.

Write it yourself

This sounds so obvious, however, many students confuse ‘write yourself’ with ‘get written for yourself’. Your essay does not only have to be about you but also, it needs to be written by you. Understand that, there is no other person who can write about yourself more accurately than you. A personal touch and specific voice of words matter more for an admission essay than a standard write-up.

Read other essays

If you’re unsure how to go about the essay, read essays written by your friends. You can look up the internet to find many interesting essays. Read and note any pattern or style of writing that draws your attention.

How to Write the Perfect Admissions Essay

Remember, an ideal admission essay has to be about you and not perfect writing skills. Take it as an opportunity to stand out from the rest of the applicants and impress the examiner. Do not sound too needy or sad in the letter. You can never fool an examiner to feel sympathetic. Therefore, highlight the positive aspects only and let your words represent the best version of you.

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