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MBZUAI Full-Tuition Fee Scholarship for International and UAE Students

MBZUAI Full -Tuition Fee Scholarship for International and UAE Students

Unlock your academic potential with a scholarship. MBZUAI offers free tuition fee scholarships for UAE and non-UAE students who wish to pursue a career in academia or at a research institute PhD program. All students admitted on a full-time basis are granted the privilege to complete their master’s or PhD studies with a full scholarship. …

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Full Fee PhD Research Studentship in Computer Vision and Machine Learning in the UK, 2020

Do you want to start your career as a Machine Learning Engineer? If so, then you have a perfect opportunity to apply for the PhD Research Studentship at the University of Bristol. The scholarship is accessible for UK and EU applicants who wish to undertake the PhD degree program for the academic year 2020-21 in …

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CVSSP Studentship Opportunities for Overseas Applicants in UK, 2021

Do you know that being a PhD student is a huge achievement in itself? If you want to achieve that stage, then CVSSP Studentship is a wonderful opportunity for you which is presenting by the University of Surrey. This free education program is available for international students and aims to support them in getting a …

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