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MacGillavry Fellowships at University of Amsterdam in Netherlands, 2019

The Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) invites applications for 6 MacGillavry Fellowships. These fellowships are available in the field of Biological Science and Biomedical Science, Earth Sciences (Physical Geography), Informatics and Logic, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Mathematics, and Statistics. The program is the Tenure-track position open for the talented female researchers from across the Netherlands. This position is part of …

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Kim and Julianna Silverman and Mays-Wild Research Fellowships at Downing College in UK, 2019

The Governing Body of Downing College, Cambridge, is delighted to offer two Research Fellowships i.e. Kim and Julianna Silverman and Mays-Wild Research Fellowship for a period of 3 years from April 1st, 2019 at the earliest with renewal possible for a further 2 years. The competition is open to existing post-doctoral engineers and scientists who …

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