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Nelson Mandela Friendship Scholarships in South Africa

Indian Institute of Governance and Leadership and DHET are now awarding the Nelson Mandela Friendship Scholarships to able students with financial limitations to gain higher education in South Africa. This distance learning scholarship programme offers students an opportunity to become agents of change in international and diplomatic affairs. The programme combines problem-solving, structural analysis, project …

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DMMOM College Scholarship for Multiple Birth Students, 2012-2013 USA

Undergraduate Scholarship for Multiple Birth Kids enrolled in a College, University, Trade or Vocational School, USA 2012 Study Subject(s):Courses offered by the University Course Level:Undergraduate Scholarship Provider: Des Moines Mothers of Multiples (DMMOM) club Scholarship can be taken at: USA Eligibility: -Applicant must be a multiple birth student (twin, triplet or higher order multiple) – …

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