Fashion Scholarships

Fashion Scholarships: Fashion changes every week, every day. There is a new demand, new creativity burning round the corner. If a fashion trend has been your penchant, give it a new dimension by pursuing education in the field. There are many worthwhile scholarships offered by top-notch fashion houses and universities across the globe. These fashion scholarships are offered for various levels of study including undergraduate, masters fellowship program and many more. Browse through our site and search for more sample of awards as per your own requirements.

The IESEG School of Management, France

2018 IESEG MSc Scholarships in Fashion Management, France

  • IESEG School of Management, France

The IESEG School of Management is offering MSc Scholarships in Fashion Management. These scholarships are available for the applicants from all over the world. The aim of the scholarships is to produce graduates of responsible character with the necessary knowledge […]

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