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Scholarships for Kyrgyzstan Students | Scholarships for Kyrgyz Students

Data Communication YearLong Fellowship at ForSet in Georgia, Tbilisi, 2019

Scholarship Description: The Data Communication Fellowship is a 1- year long program during which the fellows will advance their skills in data collection, data analysis, data storytelling, designing with data, etc. They will be responsible for researching, writing, designing, and publishing 4 data stories under the guidance of ForSet. Each fellow will be assigned a …

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Apply for Travel Grant for DataFest Tbilisi 2018!

ForSet and Prague Civil Society Centre invite you to attend DataFest Tbilisi 2018! DataFest Tbilisi is the first annual international data & communications event in the South Caucasus bringing together journalists, CSO activists, marketing specialists, business professionals, government officials, data analysts, developers and designers working with data or willing to explore data opportunities. Last year, …

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56 IED International Scholarships Competition for Undergraduate Courses in Italy and Spain

Young and talented individuals who aspire to study abroad are invited by the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) to secure support by participating in the Scholarship Competition for Undergraduate and Foundation Courses 2024-2025. IED Istituto Europeo di Design, Accademia di Belle Arti Aldo Galli, and IED Kunsthal Bilbao have decided to award 56 scholarships for …

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Master and Short Term Executive Training Programme Under JISPA in Japan, 2017

Master and Short Term Executive Training Programme are open for Asian students. These awards are funded by the government of Japan and administered by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The aim of the program is to support excellent applicants of Asia. The government of Japan, administered by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) objective is to …

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Cambridge Doctoral Scholarships for Young Scholars in UK, 2017

The University of Central Asia (UCA) in partnership with the Cambridge Trust is inviting applicants for Cambridge Doctoral Scholarship Programme. These scholarships are awarded in the fields of Computer Science, Engineering, Media and Communications, Business Management or Economics. The aim of the scholarships is to help talented students who need aids to achieve their desired …

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Islamic Development Bank Young Professionals Program in Saudi Arabia, 2019

Applications are invited for Islamic Development Bank Young Professionals Program within the Human Resources Management Department in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Applicants must be the citizen of an IDB member country; applicants from Muslim communities of non-member countries may be admitted. The Program is designed for outstanding young graduates who can significantly help the IDB Group …

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International Physician Scholarship in USA, 2019

American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine organise International Physician Scholarship in the USA. Eligible physicians must permanently reside in low and middle-income countries as defined by World Bank. The aim of the scholarship is to educate physicians and practice settings to achieve high levels of competency in hospice and palliative medicine. American Academy of Hospice …

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APFNet Scholarship Program for Master’s Degree at Inner Mongolia Agricultural University in China, 2017

Applications are invited for APFNet Scholarship Program for Master’s Degree at Inner Mongolia Agricultural University in China. Launched in 2010, APFNet award  Program aims to support capable individuals – either forestry officials or researchers from the Asia-Pacific region to pursue higher academic degrees in the field of sustainable forest management and rehabilitation, in cooperation with …

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