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University of Melbourne Bachelor of Arts International Scholarship in Australia, 2020

Find out what you like doing best and follow the path of reaching that goal. In this process, the University of Melbourne is helping with the Bachelor of Arts International program. Participants from India, Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, or Thailand are eligible to undertake their bachelor’s studies at Melbourne in Australia. …

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100% Tuition Fees Loughborough PhD Positionsfor UK/EU Students in UK, 2018

Loughborough University is offering 100% tuition fee funding for postgraduate research students who are not in receipt of any other award. UK/EU students are eligible to apply for this application . This new scholarship is designed to help more high calibre students join our close-knit community of postgraduate researchers working on a range of projects which …

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50 Melbourne graduate funding opportunities for International Students in Australia, 2020

The University of Melbourne is delighted to announce the 50 Melbourne graduate funding opportunities. These are open to the international students who have applied for an eligible graduate coursework degree. This is available to high achieving students undertaking graduate study at the University of Melbourne and provides fee remissions of between 25% and 100% of tuition …

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