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Your Rights: Students Should Know About Their Rights While Studying Abroad

Your Rights: Students Should Know About Their Rights While Studying Abroad

Studying abroad forms a crucial aspect of comprehensive education. If you are keen on studying abroad, there are certain things that you need to be aware of. You must be willing to bridge the culture and language barrier.

Having the right info will turn your overseas studying experience into a memorable one. The entire experience is going to be a life-changing one. You will travel, explore, transform and learn while studying abroad.

Here are some things that you need to be aware of while studying abroad. This will ensure that the entire experience is a smooth-sailing one.

Choose Where to Study

The first thing you need do is decide which country you would want to study in. You should do basic research to identify your area of interest. You can then find the best universities in the world.

You can also research the work opportunities presented by the country. Your decision would also be dependent on your lifestyle and budget. Look into the environment, culture, healthcare facilities, and the quality of education.

Find an Education Agent

Education agents simplify your task of shortlisting universities. They do thorough counselling and take care of the student application process. They also help you apply for a scholarship and a student loan as well.

If you want to understand the basics of studying abroad, then find an education agent.  They will link you to the best advisors. They will also connect you with the representatives from the best universities.

Health Insurance for International Students

Several countries offer a reliable healthcare system to its citizens. Medicare program takes care of hospital care and provides subsidies for primary care.

International students can apply for an Overseas Students Health Cover. It will help them meet medical and hospital care while studying abroad. The option varies from one country to another. Make sure to look into this. You can reap certain health care benefits as an international student.

Know Your Visa Conditions

A student visa permits you to study from a recognized university of any country overseas. You need to have an acceptance letter before applying for a visa. An Australian study visa is easy to get if the course is registered on CRICOS. This is a register for overseas students studying in commonwealth nations.

You can check out the benefits that you can avail to by visiting the official website. You need to abide by the visa conditions. You can also check the number of hours you can work while in a foreign country. There are rights protecting international students working part-time.

International Students Laws

After completing your course, you can apply for a graduate work stream visa if you are eligible. There are dedicated laws in almost every country to protect an international student. Detailed information can be found in the concerned department. You can find all the vital info on visa, immigration process, scholarships, work rights and a lot more.

Accommodation Rights

There are laws to protect landlords and tenants in each nation. They cover tenant and landlord obligations. You can learn about laws related to leasing agreements, maintenance and repairs. You can get the info from the department that caters to international students’ rights.

Work Rights and Responsibilities

You can work for a limited number of hours while you are studying in another country. You can take up a part-time job to take care of your living expenses. You must be aware of the necessary rights in the workplace. Make a note of all organizations that assist international students in the country you intend to study from.

Students Rights While Studying Abroad

Community Legal Centers

International students are protected through the Education Services for Overseas Students framework. Students can turn to specific organizations that offer legal help to international students. It can be anything from the Tuition protection service to securing work visa info.

Get an Insurance

It is vital to get insurance when you are planning to study abroad. Travel and health insurance are a must. Make sure to check if the insurance you are buying offers coverage for overseas care. You can also get a policy that is specific for overseas travel. Your education agent can help you find particular insurance policies suitable for you.

Be Aware of the Social Customs

You need to be aware of the local customs before stepping into a foreign country. You need to remember that you will encounter language barriers during the period.

Make sure to study the local etiquette before stepping out to consider. Stick to local laws, no matter what. Learn the rules on driving and alcohol consumption. Minor mistakes can put foreign nationals in trouble.

Banking in a Foreign Country

Banking in a foreign country may not be the same as it is in your country. You may not be able to use your local debit card while in a foreign country.

You can check with your local bank. This will help you decide if you can use your card overseas or not. You also need to open an account abroad while studying there. You can speak to your study advisor and ask them for help.

Learn How to Manage Emergency Situations

You need to remember that rules differ from one country to another. You need to know what to do while in an emergency. Find out how you can connect to the fire and police department. Also, learn how to call an ambulance if necessary. This will assist you whenever you are in an emergency.

Know-How to Contact the Embassy

You can always turn to the embassy if you are facing any issues. You must keep the phone number and address saved with you. The embassy also opts consular services. You can always make use of them for your benefit.

You need to remember that studying abroad can be an enriching experience. You need to stick to the norms, but at the same time, you should learn to enjoy. You may find a job and begin a career in a foreign country. Take this opportunity to learn and enjoy.


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