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Equatorial Guinea Scholarships, 2018

Get all the beneficiary information of Equatorial Guinea scholarships available for the current academic year. Foreign universities are offering prominent scholarships to students from Equatorial Guinea on the basis of their excellent academic performance. Scholarships for Equatorial Guinea students are mentioned in this section for different degree programs. Locate here variety of Equatorial Guinea scholarships offering to scientists, technicians, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the areas of science and technology, business administration, education, public health, social science and many more. There are many scholarships and awards offered to strengthen academic career of students. Let’s have a glance at different awards offered by various universities and organizations.

Desmond Tutu Masters Scholarship at University of Edinburgh
University of Edinburgh is inviting applications for Desmond Tutu Masters Scholarship for Africans. The scholarship will be awarded to a student from Africa who is accepted for admission on a full-time basis for a postgraduate Master’s programme of study within the School of Divinity. The scholarship will cover the full overseas tuition fee and a maintenance allowance of £5,000. The award will be tenable for one academic year. The application deadline is April 3, 2017.

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High Achiever Foundation Prize for African Students
University of Nottingham is inviting applications for high achiever foundation prizes available for African students. Applicants must already hold an offer to start a full-time foundation programme at Nottingham in September 2017. Three undergraduate high achiever prizes of £2,000 towards tuition fees. The application deadline is April 21, 2017.

MSFS Equatorial Guinea Scholarship
Georgetown University is offering Equatorial Guinea scholarship for Sub-Saharan African students. The scholarship will cover full-tuition for two years. Professional work experience, ideally in a field related to their future professional goals is required. Students have an average of four years of work experience prior to joining MSFS. Application should be submitted till January 15, 2017 for fall 2017.

MIT-Zaragoza African Supply Chain Professional Scholarships
Zaragoza Logistics Center is offering scholarships for African students. Scholarships are awarded each year for students of the MIT-Zaragoza Master of Engineering in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (ZLOG) program. Scholarships consist of reduction in tuition fees, which currently amount to €24,000. The deadline for application is April 15, 2017.

AFD-PSIA Student Scholarship for African Students
Paris School of International Affairs of Sciences Po (PSIA) and the French Development Agency together are offering Student Scholarship program for African students. There are multiple scholarships ranging from partial to full tuition fee grants offered every year for incoming students in the Master in Development Practice at PSIA. The deadline to apply for the AFD-PSIA Scholarship is 10th January 2016.

Centre of African Studies Visiting Research Fellowship
The Centre of African Studies at the University of Cambridge is offering two visiting research fellowships.  These fellowships awarded in all the disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. Each award is worth up to £14,000, out of which travel, college accommodation, maintenance costs and medical insurance will be paid by the Centre on behalf of the fellow. The maximum duration of a fellowship is six months and is non-renewable. The application deadline is 15 January.

Ferguson Scholarships for African Students
Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable trust is offering scholarships for African students. Scholarships are available for pursuing full time MA degree in the field of African Studies, International Studies and Diplomacy and Social Anthropology of Development at SOAS, University of London. Scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic merit. The application will be available from 28 January.

Lord Walston Scholarship for African Students
University of East Anglia is awarding Lord Walston Scholarship for African students. Scholarship is awarded to undertake MA Agriculture and Rural Development, the MSc Environment and International Development or the MSc Climate Change and International Development programme. The Scholarship covers full fees and maintenance (living expenses). The application deadline is 16 March.

Ambassador E.O. Kolade Scholarship for Masters Students
London School of Economics and Political Science is inviting applications for Ambassador E.O. Kolade scholarship for masters students. Eligible applicants must be a national of, and resident in, a country in Sub-Saharan Africa. The selection will be based on merit and financial need. The application deadline is 27 April.

David E I Pyott Master of Surgery in Clinical Ophthalmology Scholarship
David E I Pyott Foundation is offering six online distance learning master’s scholarships for the academic year 2016-2017. The scholarships will be awarded to students who are accepted for admission on to the online distance learning master of surgery (ChM) in Clinical Ophthalmology at the University of Edinburgh. Each scholarship will cover the tuition fee for the entire part-time programme of study as well as provide access to a broadband facility and a laptop. The application deadline is 29th July.

Georg Forster Research Fellowship for Researchers from Developing Countries
The Humboldt Foundation is inviting applications up to 80 Georg Forster Research Fellowships for postdoctoral researchers and experienced researchers annually and financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and Co-financed by the European Union (EU) in the 7th Framework Programme. Applications can be submitted at any time from 01.07.2013 to mid-2015.

Open Society Civil Society Scholar Awards
Open Society Foundation is offering Civil Society Scholar Awards (CSSA) for doctoral students and full-time faculty members teaching at universities in their home country. The duration of this award is 2–10 months and the maximum funding for doctoral students is $10,000 and for faculty members is $15,000. The application deadline is March 2, 2015.

Edinburgh Global Development Academy Masters Scholarships
University of Edinburgh is inviting applications for Edinburgh global development Academy masters scholarships. Scholarships are open for students from less developed countries. The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic merit. The application deadline is 10 April.

TWAS-ICCBS Fellowship Program for Equatorial Guinea Students
Equatorial Guinea fellowships are available for undertaking research at postgraduate (PhD) and postdoctoral programme. ICCBS will provide a monthly stipend which should be used to cover living costs, such as food, accommodation, local transportation and incidental illness. Applicants must provide a certificate of good health from a qualified medical doctor. The deadline for applications is 31st August.

ICO Three-Month Fellowships in Ophthalmology
Fellowships provide young ophthalmologists with exposure to and training in several subspecialties in ophthalmology. Applicant must be under 40 years of age at the time of applying. The fellowships will include S$6000 (maximum) to cover travel and living expenses. The application deadline is September 30 each year.

TWAS-IACS Fellowship Program for Equatorial Guinea Students
Equatorial Guinea fellowships are available for undertaking research at postgraduate and postdoctoral level at the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS). Applicants must be of 30 years of maximum age for postgraduate and 40 years for postdoctoral programme on 31 December of the application year. Applications must be submitted by 31st August.

MOFCOM Master Degree Equatorial Guinea Scholarships
The Government of the People’s Republic of China through the Government of Fiji is offering master degree Equatorial Guinea scholarships. Scholarships will be awarded for a period of one year. The age of applicants should be between 20 to 40. Equatorial Guinea scholarship is available to study master program in any one of these universities: East China Normal University [ECNU], Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU), China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU),  Beijing Normal University, Jilin University and Peking University (PU) in China. The application deadline varies for each university.

TWAS-IROST Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme
Fellowships for Equatorial Guinea students are available for undertaking postdoctoral programme at Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology. TWAS-IROST Postdoctoral Fellowships in natural sciences are tenable for a minimum period of six months to a maximum period of twelve months at IROST. Last date of submitting applications is 15th September.

MBA Equatorial Guinea Scholarships at University of Glasgow
Equatorial Guinea scholarships are obtainable for undertaking master degree at University of Glasgow in UK. A total of 5 scholarships are available. The value of each scholarship is £5,000. The criteria for the scholarships are academic excellence and personal achievement. Applications should be submitted till 1st July.

TWAS-SN Bose Equatorial Guinea Fellowship
Equatorial Guinea fellowship is available for pursuing research at PhD and Postdoctoral level at S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Science. Applicants must hold a Master’s degree/PhD degree in physics, mathematics or physical chemistry. Applications must be submitted by 31 August.

TWAS-NCP Postdoctoral Equatorial Guinea Fellowship
Applications are invited for Equatorial Guinea fellowship awarded to young scientists who wish to pursue postdoctoral research in physical sciences. Fellowship includes a monthly stipend which should be used to cover living costs such as food, accommodation and health insurance. Applicants must hold a PhD degree in a field of natural sciences. The deadline for applications is 15th September.

ANZCA Equatorial Guinea Scholarship in Anaesthesia
Equatorial Guinea scholarship is available for consultant anaesthetist to work in a hospital in Australia or New Zealand for up to a year. Applicants must not hold another scholarship during the period of this scholarship. This Anaesthesia scholarship will be awarded for a year. Applicants must be submitted by 16th June.

TWAS-CEMB Fellowship Program
Fellowships for Equatorial Guinea students are available for undertaking research at postgraduate (PhD) and postdoctoral level. Applicants must be a maximum age of 35 years for PhD and 45 years for postdoctoral programme on 31 December of the application year. The deadline for applications is 31st August.

TWAS-CSIR Fellowship Programme
Fellowships are available for pursuing research at postgraduate and postdoctoral level at laboratories and institutes of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) of India. The minimum period of this programme is six months and maximum is twelve months. The application deadline is 31st August of each year.

Warwick IFP Anniversary Equatorial Guinea Scholarships
Equatorial Guinea scholarships are available for pursuing International Foundation Studies at University of Warwick in UK. There are 30 scholarships in total: 28 x £1,200 scholarships and 2 x £5,000 scholarships. Applicants have accepted the offer and paid the non-refundable course deposit. Applications should be submitted till April 30, 2014 and June 30.

TWAS-CONACYT Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme
TWAS and CONACYT are inviting applications for TWAS-CONACYT postdoctoral fellowship programme. Equatorial Guinea fellowships cover standard monthly allowance and a fixed amount for mandatory health insurance coverage. Applicants must prove knowledge of Spanish or provide a certificate of proficiency in English. The application deadline is 15th September.

INSA JRD-Tata Fellowship Programme for Equatorial Guinea Students
The Indian National Science Academy (INSA) offers fellowship programme for Equatorial Guinea students. About 10 fellowships are awarded annually. The maximum period of award will be for three months. Selection is based on the recommendations of a committee consisting of eminent scientists. Last date of submitting applications is 31st October.

TWAS-BIOTEC Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme
TWAS-BIOTEC Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme is available for young scientists from Equatorial Guinea. BIOTEC will provide a standard monthly allowance which should be used to cover living costs, such as accommodation and food. Applicants must apply for the fellowship within five years of having obtained a PhD degree. The application deadline is 15th September.

ICO-Retina Research Foundation Helmerich Fellowships
The International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) is offering two fellowships for Equatorial Guinea students. The fellowships worth of US$25,000 are offered to cover round trip travel, living expenses and professional expenses. The fellowship may be commenced anytime within 15 months after award notification. The application deadline is September 30 of each year.

TWAS-icipe Fellowship Program
The International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe) is offering fellowship program for Equatorial Guinea students. Applicants must have official acceptance at an eligible department, institution or laboratory at icipe. Three PhD fellowships and one postdoctoral fellowship will be awarded. Closing date for submitting applications is 15th September.

TWAS-DBT Postgraduate Fellowship Programme
Applications are invited for TWAS-DBT Postgraduate Fellowship Programme available for Equatorial Guinea students. Fellowships are tenable at key biotechnology research institutions in India for a period of up to five years. DBT will provide a monthly stipend to cover for living costs, food and health insurance. The application deadline is 31st August.

SFIAR Awards for Equatorial Guinea Students in Switzerland
The Swiss Forum for International Agricultural Research (SFIAR) is offering award in agricultural research. The prize sum of the SFIAR Award is CHF 5’000 for a PhD or Post Doc project and CHF 10’000 for a team project. Applications must be submitted by 15th July.

TWAS-USM Fellowship Program
Equatorial Guinea fellowships are obtainable for undertaking research at postgraduate (PhD) and postdoctoral programme at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). USM will provide a standard monthly allowance which should be used to cover living costs, such as accommodation and food. Applications will close on 15th September 2014.

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