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University of Lausanne PhD Position in Neuroscience in Switzerland, 2019

The University of Lausanne is invited for a funded PhD position, at the Department of Physiology to work on a multidisciplinary project aiming to investigate the role of cortical and subcortical brain structures in vigilance state regulation. The University of Lausanne is a higher teaching and research institution composed of seven faculties where approximately 15,000 students …

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UNIL 8th Undergraduate Summer School Scholarships in Switzerland, 2018

­The new 8th Undergraduate Summer School Scholarships in biological sciences at the University of Lausanne is now available on offer for students from all around the world. The university offers full scholarships which cover tuition costs, living expenses, and justified travel costs will be awarded to all selected participants. The University of Lausanne in Lausanne, Switzerland …

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LLM Scholarships at University of Lausanne in Switzerland, 2017

The University of Lausanne is offering LLM Scholarships for the academic year 2017-2018. These scholarships are awarded to prospective students to support the participation in the LLM Programme in International and European Economic and Commercial Law. This initiative is intended to permit to more students to take part in this prestigious programme despite the economic …

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UNIL Masters Grants for Foreign Students, 2019-2020

The University of Lausanne is offering 10 UNIL Masters Grants available for foreign students for autumn semester 2019 and spring semester 2020 intake. Grants are available for pursuing the master degree at the University of Lausanne. To facilitate access to Master’s degrees by students with qualifications from foreign universities, the University of Lausanne provides around ten Master’s …

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PhD Program University of Lausanne Switzerland

A PhD position is available in the Department of Medical Genetics (DMG) in the laboratory of Dr. Roman Chrast. The proposed project will take advantage of different transgenic mouse models available in the lab to use a combination of functional genomics, developmental neurobiology and molecular biology to study establishment and progression of peripheral neuropathy in …

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Switzerland PhD Position University of Lausanne

A PhD position is open for a collaborative project between the labs of Prof. Marc Robinson-Rechavi (Evolutionary Bioinformatics) and Prof. Sven Bergmann (Computational Biology). The project concerns the comparative modular analysis of gene expression in vertebrate development. The student will work with, and improve, computational methods of microarray analysis from the Bergmann lab, and ontology …

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