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View complete listing of Scholarships for High School Students at this page of our site. All recent High School Student The studentships are available right here. Some of the most common student scholarships and grants are offered to high school seniors and juniors. High School Students’ opportunities are offered in different fields of study especially in science, technology, engineering, math and other high school courses at the college or university level. High school students can use these listed grants and bursaries to pay for their college education and other apprenticeship programs.

Sanral Scholarships in South Africa

Applicants are invited to become part of the Sanral Scholarships offered by the South African National Roads Agency Ltd for the academic year 2021-2022. The programme aims to support students who are going to take part in the high-school degree programme in South Africa. In line with Government’s commitment to transform the public sector, The …

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Han Academy international awards in Hong Kong

With an aim to provide excellent education to international students, the Han Academy is pleased to announce the international awards for the academic year 2021-2022. Students who demonstrate skills in academics, arts and sports, creation and invention, and community service are offered this application . International and home country students are eligible and will receive tuition …

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Senior High-School Scholarships at University of Nueva Caceres, Philippines

To reward international students’ hard work and achievements, the University of Nueva Caceres is come up with marvelous Senior High-School Scholarships. The main purpose of this program is to provide financial assistance for students who are going to pursue a senior-high-school degree programme. The University of Nueva Caceres is a private non-sectarian university run by …

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Joe Pat Roop Scholarships in USA

Joe Pat Roop is granting the scholarship programme for students to help them in completing their studies without any financial hitches. The grant aims to help brilliant scholars from a financially weak background so that they can continue their higher education uninterrupted. Joseph Patrick Roop is a renowned entrepreneur and a digital marketing guru. Joe …

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Vito Proietti Grant in USA

Vito Proietti is providing the grant programme to the most deserving applicants who have a flawless academic track record in the USA. The Vito Proietti Grant will be given to the most deserving applicant in terms of parameters like academic track record and the originality and quality of the essay submitted. Vito Proietti is a business …

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Arash Hadipour Niktarash Fund in USA

Arash Hadipour Niktarash is inviting brilliant candidates to apply for the fund programme in the USA for the academic year 2021-2022. All meritorious and talented American students from not-so-affluent families who desperately struggle to organize adequate funds to continue their higher education in one of the recognized American universities or colleges are eligible for this highly-acclaimed Arash …

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Palmhouse Foundation High School Scholarships in Kenya

Palmhouse Foundation is seeking high-potential applicants to participate in the Palmhouse Foundation High School Scholarships in Kenya. The programme aims to finance the secondary education of bright but needy children and to mentor them through life, helping them transform their own lives, their families and society. Palmhouse Foundation began rather informally through the philanthropic efforts …

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EU Scholarships at PGT International Youth College, Denmark

Remove the economic hurdles that stand in your way of education. Apply for the EU Scholarships at PGT International Youth College and support your study in Denmark. The scholarship programme aims to attract EU students commencing in the high-school degree programme at the college. PTG International Youth College is an independent youth boarding school headquartered on the Tvind …

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Root foundation grants in Rwanda

Awards help the students to reduce their educational expenses. Therefore for helping students, Root  Foundation is offering the scholarship programme in Rwanda. The programme is open to Rwanda students who want to apply for the high-school programme for the academic year 2021-2022. Root Foundation came to existence from the belief that the issue of the …

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