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Die Presse funding for the MSc Program”Environmental Technology & International Affairs”, 2019

Scholars are welcomed for acquiring the new Die Presse Scholarship which is providing by the Environmental Technology & International Affairs at TU Wien in Austria. This funding of education is aimed to provide assistance to the students who are pursuing an MSc programme. TU Wien is one of the significant colleges in Vienna. The college …

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New! Green Future funding for MSc Renewable Energy Systems at TU Wien in Austria, 2019

The New! Green Future funding for MSc Renewable Energy Systems is now available on offer starting on March 21, 2019. The program is available for international students. Grant is available to pursue the MSc programme. The Green Future award is addressed to people with a green mindset and future-oriented thinking interested in contributing to higher …

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2018 TU Wien KURIER Graduate award in Real Estate Management, Austria

The Technical University of Vienna is inviting applications for KURIER Scholarship of EUR 10,000 value to study certified program “Real Estate Management”. International students are eligible to apply for this application . TU Wien is one of the major universities in Vienna, the capital of Austria. The university finds high international and domestic recognition in teaching as …

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“Der Standard” funding for General Management MBA at TU Wien in Austria, 2018

­The new “Der Standard” funding for General Management MBA is now available for all new international students to pursue Master degree programme in Austria. MBA postgraduate studies are designed to educate academics, who generally have no economics degree, and who, with a science-based education oriented to the practice of business life, have their chances for a …

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PhD and Postdoctoral Positions at Vienna University of Technology in Austria, 2018

The Vienna University of Technology is looking for excellent applicants for PhD and Postdoctoral Positions in Computer Graphics/Geometry. These positions are open for both Austrian and International applicants. The aim of the positions is to offer a great opportunity for both high-quality computer-graphics research as well as interdisciplinary research. The Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) was …

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