Israel Scholarships

Israel Institute Doctoral Fellowships, 2017

  • Israel Institute, United States of America

The Israel Institute is offering Doctoral Fellowships for students who are conducting research on modern Israel. Fellowships provide funding, of up to $10,000 per year, for students at American universities, and up to $15,000 per year for students at Israeli, […]

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EMBO | EuropaBio Fellowships for Research Programme, 2018

  • EMBO

EMBO partnered with the European Association for Bioindustries (EuropaBio) is now accepting applications for EMBO | EuropaBio Fellowships that fund exchanges between laboratories in eligible countries lasting between one week (7 days) and six months (180 days). The goal of the EMBO […]

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Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People in Hungary, 2017

  • Tempus Public Foundation (TPF)

Tempus Public Foundation (TPF) is offering Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People. Scholarships are available for bachelor, master and one-tier master programmes. The core mission of the Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People is to provide the possibility of studying […]

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IJP Middle East Fellowship for Journalists in Germany, 2017

  • The International Journalists’ Programs, Germany

IJP Middle East Fellowships are open for the journalists in Germany for the academic year 2017. These fellowships are travel and work fellowship to spend a two-month period in Germany. The aim of the fellowship is to enable young journalists […]

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Chinese Government The Great Wall Scholarships

The German-Israeli Journalism Fellowships in Germany, 2017

  • The International Journalists' Programmes (IJP), Germany

The International Journalists’ Programmes (IJP) awards German-Israeli Journalism Fellowships to outstanding young journalists. These fellowships are provided to Israeli and German journalists in Germany. The aim of the fellowships is to raise awareness of aspects of German-Israeli relations in future […]

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