Scholarships for Pakistani Students

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Many international universities around the world are offering a range of scholarships to exceptional Pakistani students. Scholarships are offered to Pakistani students in various fields, including Engineering, Science, Arts, Law and Management.

If you are a Pakistani student and find yourself in need of scholarship funds to meet your educational requirements, then you can apply for the relevant scholarships offered by international universities. The information on this blog comes directly from well-informed experts with knowledge about scholarships exclusively for Pakistani Students. With each of the scholarships there are some conditions and prerequisites and you have to meet all of them in order to get your application considered.

The purpose of these scholarships programme  is to provide a comprehensive career development platform for Pakistani students with a passion for developing a career in Pakistan and abroad. Scholarships have been modified to provide maximum industry coverage, networking and learning opportunities in a professional, cultural and personal level.

So lets cast light on lucrative scholarships for Pakistani students.

800th Anniversary Scholarships for Applicants from Pakistan, 2014
Applicants are invited for 800th Anniversary Scholarships for undergraduate students from Pakistan. Applicants for all courses except Medicine and Veterinary Medicine are eligible to apply. Scholarships cover the cost of the tuition fees and college fees together with a grant towards maintenance (living costs) and travel costs for each year of the course.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 15 October, 2014.

Masters Fellowships in Public Health and Tropical Medicine, 2014
Wellcome Trust is offering masters fellowships for junior researchers to gain research experience and high-quality research training at Master’s degree level. A Fellowship normally provides up to 30 months’ support. Fellows must be based in a low- or middle-income country for their research project.
Scholarship Application Deadline:15 August 2014.

Sussex Pakistan Scholarships for Master Students in UK, 2014
University of Sussex is offering Pakistan scholarships for master students. Scholarship is available for the students from Pakistan admitted to start an eligible masters course in September 2014.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 1st August 2014.

Pegge Scholarship for MSc Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems in UK, 2014
University of Sussex is offering MSc scholarship in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems. This MSc scholarship takes the form of a contribution towards tuition fees and also possibly maintenance – at the discretion of the awarding committee.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 1st July 2014

Pakistan Merit Postgraduate Scholarships at University of Sheffield in UK, 2014
The University offers a range of scholarships for Pakistani students. Scholarships are available for the students who show exceptional academic potential starting a postgraduate Taught Masters programme at the University of Sheffield in September 2014.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 27 June 2014.

Newcastle University Pakistan Scholarships for Postgraduate Students in UK, 2014
Newcastle University is offering Pakistan scholarships for pursuing postgraduate taught degree programmes in September 2014. Students must have or expect to achieve a first class honours degree in their Pakistani bachelor programme (four year programme) and satisfy all other requirements.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 30th June 2014.

2014 International Excellence Scholarships for Undergraduate Level at Swansea University in UK
The International Development Office of the Swansea University is offering scholarships for international students. The students of China, Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong and other countries can apply for these scholarships to pursue undergraduate degree level. Number of scholarships is offered of worth £4000 (+£2000).
Scholarship Application deadline: June 2, 2014.

2014 Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students at Swansea University, UK
The International Development Office of the Swansea University is offering for postgraduate scholarships for International Students. Scholarships are available to pursue postgraduate degree level at Swansea University, UK. The students of Colombia, Brazil, USA, Canada, UK, China, Norway, Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Nepal, Turkey, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and other country can apply for these scholarships.
Scholarship Application deadline: June 2, 2014.

University of Glasgow Country Scholarships for Postgraduate Students in UK, 2014
University of Glasgow is offering a total of 40 scholarships for postgraduate students to learn any of the courses except clinical courses. The students of Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and USA can apply for these scholarships.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 1st June 2014.

Undergraduate Excellence Scholarships in UK
UWE Bristol University is offering excellence scholarships for Indian, Pakistani and Nepalese students. Up to three scholarships will be awarded for pursuing undergraduate degree program. To be eligible for these scholarships, applicants must have achieved at least 85% in standard 12th (or equivalent) and have an offer of a place by 31 May 2014. Scholarships will cover 50% of tuition fee.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 31st May 2014.

Asian Women In Business Scholarship (AWIB) Fund in USA, 2014
Applications are invited for Asian Women in Business (AWIB) scholarship for Asian female students who have demonstrated scholarship, leadership, community service and/or entrepreneurship. Applicants must be enrolled full-time in an accredited four-year undergraduate institution in the US at the time of application and award.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 31st May 2014.

MBA Full-time Scholarship for Female Students at University of Strathclyde in UK, 2014
University of Strathclyde offers full-time scholarship for female students from Asia/Africa. Candidates must demonstrate through their ideas, experience and achievements that they are an excellent team player, with a strong vision for the future. One scholarship of £10,000 will be automatically deducted from tuition fees.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 31st May 2014.

Professor Arthur Li Development Scholarship at University of the West of England in UK, 2014
University of the West of England offers master scholarship for the students from developing Commonwealth countries. One full tuition fee scholarship will be available for an outstanding student to study a one year masters programme at University of the West of England.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 31st May 2014.

UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Scholarships for SAARC Countries in Bhutan, 2014-2017
The UNESCO Madanjeet Centre for South Asia Forestry Studies (UMCSAFS) at Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environment (UWICE), Bumthang, Bhutan is offering scholarships for South Asian students. Scholarships will be awarded for three years Sustainable Development degree program to be undertaken at College of Natural Resources (CNR), Royal University of Bhutan in Lobesa, Punakha, Bhutan from July 2014 to July 2017.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 30 April, 2014.

Development Scholarships for Pakistani Students and Developing Countries in Czech Republic, 2014/15
The Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University through the support of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport offers five partial scholarships for developing countries. Applications for these scholarships are open to all students from developing countries and/or countries going through a process of political and economic transition. Students who are applying to study in one of the Bachelor’s studies or Master’s studies programmes at Faculty of Social Sciences from academic year 2014/15 can apply.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 30th April 2014.

JIRCAS Visiting Research Fellowship Program in Japan
Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS) is offering visiting research fellowship program for qualified researchers from research institutes/universities in developing countries. Fellowships are awarded to carry out collaborative research for the rapid and sustainable development of agriculture, forestry and fisheries compatible with the preservation of the natural environment. Scholarship Application Deadline: April 21, 2014.

POGO Fellowships for On-Board Training on AMT Cruise
Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans (POGO) is offering a special visiting fellowship for on-board training on an Atlantic Meridional Transect (AMT) Cruise. Fellowships are available scientists, technicians, graduate students (PhD/MSc), postdoctoral fellows involved in oceanographic work at centres in developing countries and countries with economies in transition.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 16th April 2014

Pakistan Merit Undergraduate Scholarships at University of Sheffield in UK, 2014
University of Sheffield offers two merit undergraduate scholarships for Pakistani students starting their undergraduate degree studies in September 2014. Each scholarship is worth £7,000 per year of study for all undergraduate programmes except Medicine and Dentistry.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 25 April 2014.

Intermediate Fellowships for Developing Countries in Public Health and Tropical Medicine, 2014
Wellcome Trust is offering research fellowships in Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Research should be aimed at understanding and improving public health and tropical medicine of local, national and global relevance. Fellows must be based primarily in a low- and middle-income country.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 25 April 2014.

2013 Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship at University of Nottingham, UK
The University of Nottingham UK Campus offers Master’s Scholarships for Pakistani Students in the field of Engineering, Medicine & Health Sciences, Science, Environment, Science & Society, Health and Operations Management for Africa, India or Students of  Commonwealth Countries in UK
Scholarship Application Deadline: 25 April 2014 (annually)

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme for Commonwealth Developing Countries, UK
Department for International Development (DFID) offers Commonwealth Shared Scholarships for Masters Students in UK. All courses undertaken must be demonstrably relevant to the economic, social or technological development of the candidate’s home country. Awards are available at participating institutions in the UK only.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 16th April 2014

IDRC Doctoral Research Awards for Developing Countries in Canada, 2014
IDRC offers research awards for developing countries’ students for pursuing doctoral studies at a Canadian university. These awards are intended for field research in one or more developing countries. Students must have completed coursework and passed comprehensive exams before taking up the award. Approximately 20 to 25 awards are offered per competition and will cover justifiable field research expenses up to CA$20,000 a year.
Scholarship Application Deadline: April 2, 2014.

GPTS Doctoral Scholarships for European and Asian Students in Germany, 2014
University of Heidelberg under Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies is offering doctoral scholarships to European and Asian students. Applicants must hold an MA or equivalent in a discipline of the humanities or social sciences with an above-average grade (at least 1.7, B+, 2+, “magna cum laude”, or equivalent).
Scholarship Application Deadline: March 15, 2014.

LUMS National Outreach Programme (NOP) Scholarship for Pakistani Students in Pakistan, 2014
Lahore University of Management Sciences is offering Need- Based National Outreach Programme (NOP) scholarship for Pakistani students. LUMS will provide full scholarship to cover tuition, registration, hostel accommodation, living and books allowance.
Scholarship Application Deadline: March 20, 2014.

Woodrow Wilson International Center Pakistan Scholar Program in USA, 2014/15
The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and the Fellowship Fund for Pakistan are announcing the 2014-15 competition for the Wilson Center’s Pakistan Scholar Program. One fellowship is offered for Pakistani applicants.
Scholarship Application Deadline: March 15, 2014.

Law School Postgraduate Taught Scholarships for International Students in UK, 2014
School of Law, University of Warwick is offering postgraduate scholarships in all LLM programmes. Applicants must already hold an offer from the School of Law and be able to meet the English language requirements by the end of March 2014, to be eligible for these scholarships.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 31st March 2014.

LUMS National Outreach Programme (NOP) Scholarship for Pakistani Students in Pakistan, 2014
Lahore University of Management Sciences is offering Need- Based National Outreach Programme (NOP) scholarship for Pakistani students. LUMS will provide full scholarship to cover tuition, registration, hostel accommodation, living and books allowance.
Scholarship Application Deadline: March 20, 2014.

Marshal Papworth Scholarships for Developing Countries’ Students in UK, 2014
Marshal Papworth Trust is offering scholarships for developing countries’ students. The scholarships are available for pursuing postgraduate and a short course programmes. Scholarships are provided in the fields of Sustainable Development, Waste Management, International Horticulture, but will consider more general courses such as Project Management and Economic Development. MSc & MA scholarships vary in value from £14,500 to £21,500 depending on location and chosen university/College.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 24th March 2014

Woodrow Wilson International Center Pakistan Scholar Program in USA, 2014/15
The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and the Fellowship Fund for Pakistan are announcing the 2014-15 competition for the Wilson Center’s Pakistan Scholar Program. One fellowship is offered for Pakistani applicants. Candidates must be currently pursuing research on key public policy issues facing Pakistan, research designed to bridge the gap between the academic and the policymaking worlds.
Scholarship Application Deadline: March 15, 2014.

BOF Doctoral Scholarships for Candidates from Developing Countries, 2014
University of Ghent is offering doctoral scholarships in Belgium. Scholarships are awarded to PhD students from developing countries who wish to carry out their PhD research at Ghent University. Half of the PhD research is carried out in the university and half in a developing country (home country). For the remaining part of PhD Research student must prove that they will be financed at their home country (e.g. local scholarship or salary).
Scholarship Application Deadline: March 4, 2014.

Setsutaro Kobayashi Memorial Fund Research Grants for Foreign Students in Japan, 2014
Applications are invited for research grants in the field of Humanities (Cultural Science) or Social Sciences. Research relates to the themes that help in deepen the researcher’s understanding and awareness of Japanese or Asian/Oceanian society and culture and enhance international interchanges among them in the future.
Scholarship Application Deadline: February 28, 2014.

CAS-TWAS President’s Postgraduate Fellowship Programme in China, 2014
Applications are invited for CAS-TWAS President’s Postgraduate Fellowship Programme from the citizens of developing countries other than China. These postgraduate fellowships are awarded up to 140 students per year for PhD study and research.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 28th February 2014.

Pakistan 50th Anniversary Fund for Master’s Students in UK, 2014
University of Strathclyde is offering 50th Anniversary scholarship for Pakistani students in 2014. Scholarship is available for pursuing master degree in the fields of engineering, computing and business management or any other subject. Scholarship covers tuition fees/living costs/return travel/other expenses.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 1st February 2014.

2014 Reach Oxford Scholarship for Undergraduates at Oxford University in UK
Oxford University offers Reach Oxford Scholarship for Undergraduates to learn any of the courses (except medicine) in the UK. A number of Reach Oxford scholarships (formerly Oxford Student Scholarships) are offered to students from low income countries who, for political or financial reasons or because unsuitable educational facilities cannot study for a degree in their own countries. Total offer is of University fees and college fees, a grant for living expenses and one return air fare per year for 3 or 4 years depending on course length.
Scholarship Application Deadline: Candidates must first apply for admission to the University through UCAS by 15 October 2013. The application deadline is February 2014.

Merit Scholarship for International Students at Curtin University in Australia, 2014
Curtin University offers Merit Scholarship for International Students in Australia. Scholarship is provided in the faculty of business, health sciences, humanities and science & engineering. This scholarship is available for pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate coursework degree level. Applicants must be citizens of Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, India, Kenya, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Zambia or Zimbabwe. Students cannot apply for this scholarship if they are a recipient of or have applied for any other Curtin University scholarship.
Scholarship Application Deadline: February 14, 2014.

2014 JFUNU Scholarships for Developing Countries Students at United Nations University ISP in Japan
The scholarships for Pakistani Students and assistantships available from UNU-ISP are very limited. Only highly qualified candidates from developing countries who can demonstrate the need for financial assistance will be considered for UNU-ISP financial support.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 28th February 2014

Early Career Development Fellowship for Developing Countries Applicants in USA, 2015
The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and OCLC are offering Jay Jordan IFLA/OCLC Early Career Development Fellowship for Developing Countries Applicants. This fellowship is available for early career development and continuing education for library and information science professionals. Applicants must have a qualifying degree in library or information science.
Scholarship Application Deadline: February 14, 2014.

Netherlands Fellowship Programmes for Master’s Degree, PhD Research and Short Courses, 2013/14
Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the budget for development cooperation is offering Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) for developing country applicants. The fellowship is available for master’s, PhD and short courses. Students must be a national of, and working and living in one of the countries in the NFP country list valid at the time of application.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 4th February 2014

Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Scholarships for Graduate Students, UK 2013
The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies is a Recognized Independent Centre of the University of Oxford. It was established in 1985 to encourage the scholarly study of Islam and the Islamic world. The Centre provides a meeting point for the Western and Islamic worlds of learning.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 24 January 2014.

The Felix Scholarships for Students from Developing Countries [85% for Indians], UK
One Felix Scholarship will be available to a Non-Indian student who is a citizen of and living in a developing country to pursue a research degree at the School of Oriental and African Studies. The scholarships for Pakistani Students covers the cost of tuition fees at the international rate and provides around £12,316 for living expenses.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 31 January 2014

POGO-SCOR Visiting Fellowships for Applicants of Developing Countries, 2014
POGO and the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) are offering visiting research fellowships at centers in developing countries and countries with economies in transition.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 10th January 2014.

2014 The IDB Merit Scholarship Programme for High Technology (MSP) in Abroad
The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) has launched its Merit Scholarship Programme (MSP) for study or research in scientific disciplines that enhance development in IDB member countries. The scholarship comprises tuition fees, living allowance, health insurance, round-trip air-ticket and conference participation allowance in general, and computer and dependency allowances for PhD students. The Programme offers scholarships for full-time three-year PhD study or a six-twelve month post-doctoral research.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 31st January 2014

South–North Research Scholarships for Postdoctoral Researchers from Developing Countries in Germany, 2014
The Food Security Center (FSC) is offering research scholarships for visiting postdoctoral researchers from developing countries to conduct research at University of Hohenheim, Germany. Three scholarships are awarded for a period of four months in 2014. The monthly grant is EUR 1,000 for junior postdoctoral researchers and EUR 1,990 for senior post-doctoral researchers. Travel costs to/from Stuttgart will be covered. Health insurance and other costs must be paid for from the stipend.
Scholarship Application Deadline: January 19, 2014.

South–North PhD Sandwich Scholarships for Developing Countries at University of Hohenheim in Germany, 2014
Each year, The Food Security Center (FSC) offers Sandwich scholarships to PhD students from developing countries for conducting PhD thesis related research studies at the University of Hohenheim, Germany. In addition, the successful candidates can select from the regular course catalogs of the international MSc and PhD study programs offered by the University of Hohenheim. Up to three scholarships will be awarded for a period of six months in 2014.
Scholarship Application Deadline: January 19, 2014.

2014 IRO Doctoral Scholarship for Developing Countries Students in Belgium
As one of its contributions to development co-operation, KU Leuven offers each academic year scholarships to deserving students from developing countries to do their PhD in the largest university in Flanders, Belgium. Also commonly referred to as the IRO scholarships (IRO in Dutch stands for Interfacultaire Raad voor Ontwikkelingssamenwerking), this scholarships for Pakistani Students has supported more than sixty Ph.D. graduates over the past five years.
Scholarship Application Deadline:15th January 2014

Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowships for Women from Developing Countries in USA, 2014/15
International Peace Research Association Foundation offers graduate fellowships for women in USA. Fellowships are provided in the field of in Peace and Development Studies. The Dorothy Senesh Fellowship is available to women from developing countries that have completed a Bachelor’s degree, who have been accepted into a graduate program and whose graduate work is to be focused on issues related to the goals of IPRA. Every other year (beginning in 1990) one woman receives school expenses in the amount of $5,000 per year for two years.
Scholarship Application Deadline: January 15th, 2014.

The Distance Learner Online MPH Scholarship for International & Developing Country Students, 2014
Online is offering two online MPH scholarships for developing countries and international students in the USA. The purpose of the merit-based Distance Learner Online MPH Scholarship is to help public health students pay for the costs of their education. It may be awarded to anyone who is currently enrolled or will enroll in the next six months in a graduate level, online master of public health program. Total offer is of  $1000. 00. These are merit-based scholarships to deserving online MPH candidates for each calendar year.
Scholarship Application Deadline: January 15th, 2014.

US/Canada Grants for Students of Developing Countries, 2014/15
Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund is offering award for women applicants of developing countries to pursue their degree in the USA and Canada. Applicants must enrolled (in residence) at an accredited U.S. or Canadian educational institution for the academic year 2013-14 and intends to be enrolled for the 2014-15 academic year. An MMMF grant covers only a portion of the total costs for an academic year.
Scholarship Application Deadline: January 15, 2014.

Global Change Leaders Scholarship Program for Women from Developing Countries in Canada, 2014
The Coady International Institute St. Francis Xavier University is offering global change leaders scholarship program in Canada. This is a seven-week education program which provides successful candidates with a full scholarship that includes tuition, travel  meals and accommodations. Women applicants from developing countries are eligible for this scholarship.
Scholarship Application Deadline: January 17, 2014.

Mathematics Research Fellowships for Developing Countries at ICTP in Italy, 2014
The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) is offering a small number of Mathematics Research Fellowships for mathematicians from developing countries to pursue their own research using the ICTP facilities and interacting with other mathematicians.
Visiting fellows must have a PhD in mathematics prior to the start of their Fellowship.
Scholarship Application Deadline: January 15, 2014.

Georg Forster Postdoctoral Research Fellowships for Students of Developing Countries, Germany
Humboldt Foundation funded Postdoctoral Research fellowship for the students from Nigeria and other Developing Country in the field of Natural Sciences, Engineering, Humanities, Social Sciences to Study in Germany Scholarship.
Scholarship Application Deadline: Applications may be submitted any time from 1.7.2013 until mid-2015.

International Students House Residential Scholarships for Developing Countries in UK, 2014
Applications are invited for residential scholarships in London for the January 2014 intake. Students should be from a developing or emerging country and intending to return on completion of their studies. Preference will be given to postgraduate students who are studying a course that will provide skills to assist in the development of their home country.
Scholarship Application Deadline: December 31st, 2013

2014/15 IARC Postdoctoral Fellowships for Training in Cancer Research, France
The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), World Health Organization is offering postdoctoral fellowships for junior scientists who intend to pursue a career in cancer research and wish to complete their training at the IARC in Lyon, France working in a research Group. Applicants are eligible from any country. However, applicants from low- and medium-resource countries are encouraged to apply. The fellowship is awarded for a period of two years. Candidates are required to have finished their doctoral degree (Ph.D.) within five years of the closing date for application, or be in the final phase of completing their doctoral degree.
Scholarship Application Deadline: December 31st, 2013

IMTFI’s Call for Research Proposals for Developing Countries in USA, 2014/15
The Institute for Money, Technology & Financial Inclusion at the University of California, Irvine call for research proposals. Researchers of developing countries are eligible for this proposal. This call is open for original scholarly research on the use of money as a means of saving, storing, and transferring value for those who live on less than $1USD/day.
Scholarship Application Deadline: December 16, 2013.

Vavilov–Frankel Fellowship for Developing Countries Students, 2014
Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) is funding research fellowship grant for outstanding scientists from developing countries to carry out research on the conservation and use of agricultural and forest biodiversity. Applicants from developing countries can apply for this fellowship. The length of research is 12 months and fellowship covers equipment, bench fees, supplies, travel, stipend/subsistence for living expenses, literature and documentation, and other relevant research costs.
Scholarship Application Deadline:December 15, 2013.

Commonwealth Academic Fellowships for Mid-Career Academics in UK, 2014
Each year, UK Department for International Development (DFID) funds academic fellowships for mid-career academics from developing Commonwealth countries. These fellowships enable fellows to spend three months to network and update knowledge and skills related to their academic subject and responsibilities at any approved UK university or higher education institution. The CSC also invites alumni who held Commonwealth Scholarships for PhD to apply directly to the CSC for a Commonwealth Academic Fellowship.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 3 December 2013.

Norwegian Government Quota Scheme for Students from Developing Countries, Norway
Norwegian Government funded Quota Scheme Scholarship for Master’s, PhD Professional, Bachelor’s degrees Students from Developing Countries at Universities in Norway.
Scholarship Application Deadline: The deadline for applications for the Quota Scheme is usually December 1st every year

Conservation Leadership Scholarships for Developing Countries at University of Cambridge, UK 2014
Miriam Rothschild Scholarships for Nigerian Students in Conservation Leadership to support students from Nigeria and less developed and developing countries that are rich in biodiversity, to attend the MPhil in Conservation Leadership at University of Cambridge, UK.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 3 December 2013.

Developing Country Eye Researcher Travel Fellowships, 2014
ARVO Foundation for Eye Research in partnership with the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology is offering research travel fellowships to pursue a career in teaching and research in any area of eye and vision research, whether basic or clinical research in applicants’ home countries. Applicants from developing countries are eligible for this fellowship.
Scholarship Application Deadline: Dec. 1, 2013.

Fellowship for Developing Countries at Aspen Institute’s in USA, 2014
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is funding fellowship for developing countries at Aspen Institute’s in USA. The fellowship offers a year-long program of media support, training, research and writing under the guidance of experienced mentors and trainers.
Scholarship Application Deadline: November 20, 2013.

CBA-Chevening Scholarship for Commonwealth Developing Countries in UK, 2014/15
The CBA and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office are offering bursaries for postgraduate media courses at City University London, the University of East Anglia and the University of Westminster. Eligible candidates will be full-time staff of CBA’s member organisations (full members and affiliates) and from developing countries in the Commonwealth.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 1 November 2013.

Developing Solutions Masters Scholarships for Pakistani Students and Developing Countries in Malaysia, 2014
University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus is offering masters scholarships for students of developing countries in the field of science, technology and education.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 9 August 2013 and for December intake latest by 8 November 2013.

MAB Young Scientists Awards for Developing Countries, 2014
UNESCO is inviting applications for MAB young scientists awards for developing countries. Each year MAB provides awards of up to US$ 5,000 to 10 young researchers. These awards are awarded for carrying out interdisciplinary research in line with UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme. Priority is given to projects carried out in biosphere reserves.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 31 October 2013.

Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) for International Students in Korea, 2014
Applications are now open for Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP). Korean government invites 110 international students from 62 countries who wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree at higher educational institutions in Korea. Scholarships are awarded for 5 years from March 1, 2014-February 28, 2019. Grantees should take a one year preliminary Korean language course before pursuing an undergraduate degree course (4 years).
Scholarship Application Deadline:Application deadlines may differ from one country to another but it will be expected to fall in September or early October.

Vicky Noon Educational Foundation Scholarships for Pakistani Students in UK, 2014
The Vicky Noon Educational Foundation offers scholarships for Pakistani students in the UK. Scholarships are awarded for full time graduate and undergraduate studies in all available subjects at Oxford University in the field of Natural, Applied and Social Sciences at Cambridge University. The size and duration of awards vary according to each scholar’s circumstance.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 15th October

ICO-SAARC One-Year Subspecialty Fellowships in Ophthalmology, 2014
The International Council of Ophthalmology is inviting applications for ten to twelve fellowships in ophthalmology. This one-year (total) fellowship offers two options for study, depending on the training resources available in the applicants’ country: Three months at a national training center in the fellows’ country, six months at a regional center in the SAARC region and three-months at an international training center (3- 6-3) or Six months at a national center, three months at a regional center and three months at an international center (6-3-3).

ICO Three-Month Fellowships in Ophthalmology for Developing Countries, 2013/14
The International Council of Ophthalmology is offering approximately 60 fellowships in ophthalmology. These three-month fellowships provide young ophthalmologists from developing countries training in several subspecialties in ophthalmology. The fellowships will include S$6000 (maximum) to cover travel and living expenses.
Scholarship Application Deadline: March 31 and September 30 each year.

Joint CSIR/CFTRI NAM S&T Centre Fellowship on Food Science & Technology in India, 2013/14
The NAM S&T Centre is inviting applications for joint CSIR/CFTRI Diamond Jubilee fellowship for 2013/14 academic year. Fellowships are awarded to the researchers from the developing countries to undertake training, upgrade research skills and conduct joint research in various fields of Food Science & Technology. Four fellowships are available for a maximum duration of six months.
Scholarship Application Deadline: September 24, 2013.

Ramzan Talent Scholarships for Pakistani Students, 2013/2014
Ramzan Welfare Society is offering scholarships in Pakistan. These scholarships are granted to students who are admitted as regular students pursuing studies in public sector colleges. Preference will be given to studies in Computer / Engineering / Medicine.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 30 September 2013.

Pakistan Scottish Scholarship Scheme for Pakistani Students, 2013/14
The Scottish Government is funding Pakistan Scottish scholarships for women. These scholarships are awarded to pursue a Masters’ degree at any HEC-recognized university of Pakistan. Candidates from rural areas are encouraged to apply to the PS3. Award-holders will get the tuition fee for the Master’s courses, University hostel costs, Subsistence to the award-holder and travel to and from home to the university, three times a year.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 30 September 2013.

2014 TWAS-IROST Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme for Developing Countries in Iran
TWAS-IROST offers postdoctoral fellowship program in the field of natural sciences at the Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST). This postdoctoral fellowship programme is for young scientists from developing countries (other than Iran) and is tenable for a minimum period of six months to a maximum period of twelve months at IROST.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 15th September of each year.

MMMF Grant for Women of Developing Countries in South Africa, 2014
Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund is offering grant for women of developing countries in South Africa. Applicant must be women and enrolled at the University of Pretoria, the University of Cape Town, the University of Stellenbosch or the University of Witwatersrand.
Scholarship Application Deadline: August 14, 2013.

2014 Japanese Government Young Leaders’ Program (YLP) for Master’s Students in Japan
Applications are open for scholarships for Young Leaders’ Program (YLP) for 2013 academic year. The scholarship is available for international students to pursue master’s program in the field of Public Administration/ Public Policy from October 2013 at National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) in Japan. Approx 10 scholarships are awarded for one year.
Scholarship Application Deadline: The deadline of the applications differs according to the country. Please contact with Japanese embassy or consulate general in your country.

Egypt Government Fellowships for Pakistani Students at EICA in Egypt, 2014
The Government of Arab Republic of Egypt is inviting applications for fellowships for Pakistani students for 2014 academic year. The fellowships are awarded for pursuing master degree in agriculture related disciplines at Egyptian International Centre of Agriculture (EICA).
Scholarship Application Deadline: 15th June, 2013

Annemarie Schimmel Scholarship for Pakistani Students, UK
Annemarie Schimmel Scholarship offers Pakistani woman to do pot graduate studies in Humanities, Sciences, Medical, Physiotherapy, Radiography, Economic development, Social sciences to Study at a Recognized Institution in UK 2012
Scholarship Application Deadline: 7th June 2013 (Annually)

2014 Fulbright Scholarships for Pakistani Students in USA
The Fulbright Masters and PhD Program funds graduate study in the United States for a Master’s or Ph.D. degree. Funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), these grants cover tuition, required textbooks, airfare, a living stipend, and health insurance. USEFP also assists with the visa process. For both the Masters and PhD programs, all academic disciplines are eligible, except clinical medicine or PhD in Business Administration. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required for all applicants. 
Scholarship Application deadline: May 15, 2013.

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Priyanka Sharma

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